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BY Erin Gjertsen   

So you want to learn about how incense is made?  If you are just looking
for the basic description of how incense is made, you can read an article
on incense making in Cambodia,

If you would like to learn how to make your own incense by hand, read
on.  The following incense recipes are a  basic instructions for making
a "non-combustible" herbal magical incense. Non-combustible means
that the incense will not burn on it's own, but will need to be burned
over charcoal tablets. If you would like to make a non-magical incense,
just skip the visualizing and empowering directions, but follow all
other instructions.  Making your own incense is really pretty easy,
once you learn how.


First, you will want to have all your tools and ingredients together,
before you start.
You will need:

• Your incense ingredients  (Need some incense ingredients?
Click Here!)

• A measuring device-spoons, cup, or scale, depending on the quantity
you are making.

• Mortar and pestle(a grinder)-if your herbs/resins/flowers are not
already in a finely powdered form.(Need a mortar and pestle set?
Click Here!)

• A hammer and metal mortar-if you have to crush a stone ingredient.

• Some small bowls, plates or containers for the powdered ingredients.

• A large wooden or ceramic mixing bowl-to blend your ingredients.

• A container for storing your finished incense(airtight is preferred).

• A pen and paper-to write down exactly what you did, so you can
replicate it, in the future.


No matter what incense reciipes you are using, your incense
ingredients will most likely need to be powdered, one by one. I much
prefer to do this by hand. Grinding by hand is a wonderful way of
adding your own energy to the incense. It is also somewhat relaxing
and hypnotic.  If your intention is a magical incense, set your goal
in your mind, before you begin(prosperity, love, health, etc). It is
especially helpful to visualize the intended outcome, as you grind.
Even if you are not making a strictly "magical incense", you can
still add your intention to your finished incense in this way.

Some incense ingredients will be easier to grind, than others. Some,
will take a little practice to find just the right method.  Experiment
and find out what works best for you. Sometimes, you may even find
that it is easier, if you don't fight so hard, when grinding.  Be
flexible. If you have to grind a stone, you might try smashing the
stone with a hammer, first. Then, grind the smashed stone to a fine
powder in a metal mortar.

If hand grinding your incense ingredients is plainly distasteful, you
have arthritis, or you just don't have time, you can always use an
electric coffee grinder(do not use the grinder for stones).

If you are creating your own incense recipes or blends, be sure to
write down every ingredient, what quantity, and what you visualized,
as you go along, so you can recreate this incense in the future.

Incense has been smoldering somewhere in the world for thousands
of years. It has been used for religious, and magical purposes, even as
an air deodorizer, much as it is today. It is a wonderful way to change
or set a particular mood.

All organic matter has it's own inherent energy or vibration, as well
as planetary and elemental correspondences. In making ones own
magical incense, the magician chooses ingredients that will have
the energies needed to manifest the goal. For a love incense recipe,
you would choose ingredients that are known for promoting or
attracting love. These energies may be used alone, or blended to
add power to the magic work. A cleansing incense recipe might be
used to clear a space of all negativity prior to the magikal work, as
well. In ritual, the energies are released through smoldering, and
become accessible to the magician to use towards manifesting the
desired magickal goal.


Now, that you have all your herbs, resins, crystals, barks, flowers,
etc. finely powdered and filled with intent, you are ready to mix and
blend them into a finished product.
Take all your incense ingredients, one by one, and add them to the
large bowl. As you add each ingredient, mix them together with
your fingers, visualizing the intended outcome as you do. Add your
own power of intention, coming off your hands and blending with
the energies of the incense in the bowl. Know that your will is
infusing the incense with the energy to help manifest the magical

Now you are ready to add any oils or liquids to your blend. You
won't need very much, just a few drops is usually sufficient. If you
are making a large amount of incense, and you are short a powdered ingredient, but have that oil on hand, it is usually fine to substitute
a couple of drops of oil for the herb. Blend the oils and/or liquids
into your incense, visualizing as you go.

Some incense will call for a particular stone, as an ingredient.
Usually, you only need a very small pinch, to give the effect. Add
this in last, visualizing as you do.  If you only want to boost your
incense, you can normally add a pinch of amber, as it is an all
around power booster.  Dragon's Blood resin is also used in this way.


You now have a complete incense. You can choose to take it one step
farther and do a full
empowerment ritual now, another day, or not at
all (if you are not making a magical incense).
Place the finished product in an airtight container, and mark it
plainly with name and date. Keep it in a cool dark place. When you
are ready to use your incense, just light a charcoal tablet, fan for a
minute, then add a teaspoon or so of incense to the top of the tablet.
If your incense recipes are being used for a spell or ritual, a tablet
will burn for at least 30 minutes so you can light it at any time, and
add the incense later.

We hope this has been informative and useful to you. If you have
any questions or comments, please, feel free to
contact me
For actual incense recipes, please click on the next button.

Love and Peace,
Erin Gjertsen

Cautions and Disclaimers:
Never leave incense or candles burning unattended.
Charcoal tablets, used improperly can cause severe burns or house fires. If you have
never used charcoal tablets, be sure to read about them,

If you have never used any kind of herbs before, please read about them, here!

We make no claims, where magical incense is concerned as to it's effectiveness or
magical powers. This information is provided as a teaching guide, for how it is and
has been used in the past, and you have to make your own decisions as to the suitability
for any particular purpose.
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