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Candle Colors Used In Magic-History, witchcraft color correspondences, and lore behind colors and candles. The colors to use in wicca, for pagans, or any magickal spellcraft. Metaphysical Properties Of Candle Colors.
Metaphysical Properties Relating To Color
Colors, Candles, & Magic

If you are putting together a little magic spell and want to add some oomph to it, try using color and a candle.  Some people use nothing but the candle for their magic spells, and it can work quite nicely.
Below, are the basic colors relating to the chakras, or energy vortexes of our bodies. After each, will be listed other magical and elemental uses associated with  these colors:

Color       Chakra         Qualities

-1st chakra-Love, Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm, Courage.
Other: South, Fire, Salamaders, Spirituality, Protection, Strength, Power.

Black-1st chakra-Absorption & Destruction of Negative Energy.
Other: Endings, Removing Hexes, Spirit Contact, Truth.

Orange or Peach
-2nd chakra-Gentle Strength, Joy.
Other:The God, Attraction, Adaptability, Changing Luck.

Yellow-3rd chakra-Clairvoyance, Learning, Mind, Communication.
Other:East, Air, Sylphs, Charm, Confidence, Persuasion, Harmony, Creativity.

Green-4th chakra-Healing, Money, Prosperity, Luck, Fertility.
Other:North, Earth, Gnomes, Employment, Herb Magic, Faery, Growth.

Pink-4th chakra-Emotional Love, Friendship, Affection, Harmony.
Other: Peace, Femininity, Spiritual Awakening, Honor, Romance.

Sea Green-4th chakra-Emotional Healing, Protection, Calming.
Other: Ward Against Anger, Jealousy, Discord.

Rose-4th chakra-Self Love, Enhancing Relationships.
Other: Quick Change, Spiritual Healing, Exorcism.

Dark Blue-5th chakra-Healing, Meditation, Tranquility, Truth, Forgiveness.
Other: The Goddess, West, Water, Undines, Psychism, Dreams, Inspiration, Peace, Karma, Balance, Lies.

Turquoise-5th chakra-Awareness, Meditation, Moon, Creativity.
Other: Friendship, Luck, Communication, Loyalty.

Lavender-6th chakra-Intuition, Dignity, Spiritual Shield.
Other: Psychic Growth, Divination, Blessings.

Silver Blue Or Light Blue-6th chakra-Deep Wisdom, Intuition, The Moon.
Other: Healing, Patience, Happiness, Quests, Opportunity, Ward Depression.

Purple-6th & 7th chakra- Spirituality, Wisdom, Psychic Awareness.
Other: Occult, Healing, Success, Spirit Communication.

White-7th chakra-Protection, Peace, Purity, Truth
Other: Spirituality, Self, Innocence, Meditation, Substitute For Any Color.

Other Candle Colors Used In Magick

Brown-Gnomes, Animals, Animal Healing, House, Attracting Money, Lasting, Study.

Silver-The Goddess, Moon Magic, Psychic Development, Removing Negative, Money, Balance.

Gold-The God, The Sun, Healing, Spirituality, Divination, Success.

If you need a purple candle and only have Lavender, it is my understanding that this will do just fine, in a pinch.   White is also regularly  used as a substitute  when the wanted color is not available. Need spell candles?
We have them here!
Want even more oomph?  Rub the candle with an oil associated with your purpose, to give it even more power!

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