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Grandpa's Magical Incense Recipes

Ok, so they aren't all exactly magical herbal incense recipes, but it is only just a step from standard sandalwood, to healing sandalwood incense!  Here we will have many magical incense recipes that have been around forever, or just about. Some other incense recipes will be relatively new.  All will be known to be of some use.

Incense is used by people from all walks of life:Pagans, Wicca, Magicians, Shaman, New age seekers, Christians, too. There is nothing negative about using the power of the mind and spirit  to enhance you life for the better, as long it it does not harm anyone. So, why not give it a try, you might be surprised!

How To Make A Magical Incense

Click here for complete instructions on how to make your own non-combustable, magical incense.

Beginner Incense

We will start with just single ingredient incense, that have specific purposes.  Just follow the instructions on the "how to make your own magical incense" page, and substitute the herb or resins of your choice. Choose one magical use for the particular incense you are making.  If you make it for money, don't use it for love, etc... Make a separate batch for a love incense, and be sure to label them both.

Allspice Incense~
Allspice is burned to attract luck, to increase magical power, and to attract money. It also make a fine healing incense.

Bay Incense~
Burn bay leaves, to help bring on visions.  Add bay leaves to sandalwood, and burn to break curses and evil spells.

Benzoin Incense~
Burn benzoin for prosperity and purification.  Mix benzoin, basil, and cinnamon for a wonderful way to attract customers to your business.

Cedar Incense~
excellent to promote healing, increase prosperity, for purification, and to promote spirituality. Cedar incense is also said to cure nightmares.

Copal Incense~
Copal is a great purifier. Burn to purify your crystals and stones before using magically. Copal is also used to promote spirituality and may be useful in a love incense blend.

Dragon's Blood Incense~
Need protection, try dragon's blood incense. Widely used in magical endeavors, it is used for love, protection, exorcism, and for sexual potency. Dragon's Blood is often added to other incenses to increase their power. 

Frankincense Incense~
Frankincense is wonderful as a spiritual incense. It is burned for love, protection, consecration, and exorcism, as well. Added to Myrrh, it makes a great incense for healing, purification, or spirituality.

Rosemary Incense~
An all around "must have". Burn rosemary to promote sleep, healing, to attract love, to restore youth, for protection, purification, to sharpen the mind, and for exorcism. To obtain knowledge or learn the answer to a question, burn rosemary over charcoal, and smell the smoke.

Sage Incense~
This is sage the kitchen spice, not white sage. Burn for prosperity, longevity, wisdom, and wishes. Also great as a health, or spirituality incense.

Sandalwood Incense~
Sandalwood is probably the most common ingredient in all incenses, combined.  On it's own, it makes a wonderful spirituality incense, is great for healing, exorcism, & protection.
It is burned for séances, and when mixed with frankincense, it makes a great full moon incense. Mixed with lavender, it is said to make an incense to conjure spirits(watch out).

We will be adding many more recipes for blended magickal incense, shortly.  Keep checking back!
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Grandpa's Online Book Of Shadows-Incense Recipes- Here, you will learn about Herbs as incense, Magickal use of herbs, about using resins in incense, metaphysical properties of herbal incense, occult properties of herbs, meanings, etc. 
Incense is used by people from all walks of life:Pagans, Wicca, Magicians, Shaman, New age seekers, Christians, too.
Free information on herbal incense. Listed below you will find some of the common knowledge and astrological correspondences (corespondences, correspondances, corespondances) associated with herbs and herbal incenses. Most herbal incense have metaphysical and occult properties, and may be used in many magical endeavors. We hope this will be a learning experience and that you find it useful.
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Updated June 12, 2001
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