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If you are planning to use herbs for the first time, PLEASE Click Here  Listed below you will find  magickal (magical) uses, astrological correspondences, occult and metaphysical properties associated with a few herbs that we carry in Our Store. These are just some of the associations and correspondences that we are aware of.  Keep checking back as we will be adding to this list!

Brimstone-See Sulphur

Camphor Powder-
Real, NOT synthetic. Moon, water, purity, dreams, psychic awareness, divination.

Galangal Root
- Mars, Fire, masculine, protection, lust, health, money also known as Lo John

Juniper Berries-Sun, Fire, masculine, protection, anti-theft, love, exorcism 

Kava Kava-Saturn, water, visions, protection, luck

Lavendar-Mercury, Air, masculine, love, protection, sleep, peace, purify, happiness

Lemon Grass-Mercury, Air, masculine, repel snakes, lust, psychic powers

Lemon Verbena Leaf-Mercury, Air, masculine, purify, love, increase spell strength

Mandrake Root, Cut-POISON, Extremely Toxic, Mercury, masculine, fire, protection, love, money, fertility,health, image magic

Oak Bark, White
-Sun, Fire, protection, health, money, potency, fertility, luck

Orris Root
-Venus,Water, feminine, love, protection, divination

Patchouly Leaf, cut-Saturn/Pluto, feminine, Earth, lust, prosperity,  fertility,  love

Rosemary Leaf
-Sun, Fire, masculine, protection, love, exorcism, sleep, healing, youth      

Rue Herb-Mars, Fire, healing, exorcism, love, protection, hex

Sage-Jupiter, Air, masculine, longevity, protection, wishes, wisdom

Salt Petre-for women who do not want their partners to have outside sexual relations

Sandalwood-Moon, water, astral projection, exorcism, healing, protection, purification, spirituality

Sulphur, Powder-Actually a mineral, caution-smells like rotten eggs, used in exorcism and protection incenses

Tonka Beans-POISON,Venus,Water, feminine, love, courage, wishes, money

Vetiver (Vetivert)-Venus, Earth, love, hex breaking, attraction
Wild Cherry Bark-Sun, Air, removing obstacles, favors,
frugality, invisibility

Wormwood-Poison,Mars, Fire, psychic powers, love, protection,calling  spirits
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Free information on herbal incense. Listed below you will find some of the common knowledge and astrological correspondences (corespondences, correspondances, corespondances) associated with herbs and herbal incenses. Most herbal incense have metaphysical and occult properties, and may be used in many magical endeavors. We hope this will be a learning experience and that you find it useful.
Salt petre is also known as salt peter. Patchouly, also known as patchoully, patchouli, and patchoulli. Vertiver, is also call vetivert.  Lavender, is also known as lavendar and lavandar. Wormwood is also known as absinthe.
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Updated April 22, 2001