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A Basic Magical Empowerment Ritual
By Erin Gjertsen

Empowerment, enchantment, or charging.  If you have followed my making incense instructions, then you have empowered your incense already, to an extent. You infused your own personal power, focused on a specific goal, into the incense as you were creating it.  You can take it one step farther, though.

In empowerment, you are aligning the energies in the herbs, oils, etc., with your magical goal.  Cinnamon for instance, has many magical purposes, but until you empower it towards one goal, you have no way of knowing what effect it will have. It will be MUCH more effective in magick, after empowerment.

It makes no difference you are empowering a bowl of magnetic sand, a magical powder, a magical incense, an oil, or bath salt, or an incense you bought from an occult store.  This basic empowerment formula will work for just about any purpose.

Find A Quiet Spot

Make sure you will be undisturbed for this. Bolt the doors, take the phone off the hook.  You don't need very long, but you do not want to be interrupted.  This ritual is all about the power of the mind, so if you get interrupted, you have to begin again. Very draining.

Light Your Candle

Choose a candle  of an appropriate color, associated with your empowerment goal. Red for passion, green for healing, etc.  You can see the color correspondences,

Light your candle, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for a minute or two.  Try to relax, and quiet the mind.

Raise Magical Energy

Think of a golden ball, in the center of your body, just at your solar plexus(the point where your bottom ribs come together).  Picture it sparkling and filling your body with golden light, positive and energetic,  growing ever larger, the light moving through your body from your head, down to your toes. As it grows you can feel the power of the light getting stronger and stronger.  You can see and feel this light, as it grows ever stronger, until it is filling your whole aura with a shimmering golden light. How does this positive golden energy feel?

Think Of Your Magical Goal

Now, start to think about your magical goal.  Is it love?  What is it that you want?  What color is it? What is that energy like? Where does that energy reside in your body?  Can you feel it? Just a little?  What does it mean to you? What words are associated to this goal, in your mind? What does it sound like? What symbols? How badly do you want this goal? What will you be like, after you have achieved this goal?

It may sound crazy, but every one is different. Some people will find that it is easier to "think" of  their goal, others will be able to "feel" the goal, and still others will "hear" a dialog about their goal.  What ever works for you is fine.  That is why I asked all the questions.  You may ask yourself these same types of questions to get in touch with the energy of your goal.

Continue to breath in a full and relaxed manner, as you get in touch with your magical goal.  Once you have found it, you will want to infuse your personal power into your incense, etc., that  you wish to empower with the magical goal.

As you think of the goal, raise the energy, ever stronger.  Take hold of the item you wish to empower in your strongest hand.

Raise More Goal Energy

Hold your weaker hand, face up about shoulder height, and continue to think of your goal. Now, picture your goal energy moving into your body, through your upright hand. Picture more goal energy coming from above, down to your upright hand, traveling into your body. 

If you are very  good at visualization, then see the appropriate color coming down from Spirit/Universe/God/Goddess, to your upright hand, along with any symbols associated with your magical goal. See this color enter your body. When you can feel your hands tingling and you are filled with your magical goals energy, then you are ready to release the energy into the item you are charging.

Release Your Power

As you release the energy, you might like to say something about your intent.  A rhyme is always nice. If you say a rhyme, repeat it over and over, as you release the energy.  You could make up a rhyme, regarding your goal, or you could simply say something like: "In the name of the Lord and the Lady, I charge thee with Love(prosperity, healing, etc). May you bring love wherever you are rubbed, (burned, spread, etc.  You make it appropriate for the item you are charging.) And may it harm none, so mote it be!" You can say whatever you feel comfortable with, choosing your own deity and words, or choosing to say nothing at all. It is up to you.

Then, picture the energy and/or feel it, moving into the item. Some people actually see the color flowing off of their fingers and entering the item.  Others will feel it.  It is okay, either way.  When you feel/think you have released all the empowering energy, set the item down and shake your hands hard,  for a couple of seconds.  This will stop the flow of energy. Relax, snuff out your candle and you are finished!

You might like to sit down on the floor, with your palms down, and ground what energy is left. I would personally eat or drink something, unless you are going to continue on with a spell of some sort.

If you are just beginning your magical practice, try to use your item in the first week or so. After you become more experienced you may find your enchantment hangs out for quite some time.
You can always do a very quick empowerment, just prior to use, as well.  Just hold the item in your strongest hand, feel the intent build up in your body, for a moment or two, and send the power into your item. Ta da! Super quick. Just not quite as effective, but sometimes great to add a little oomph!

At first, you will find it may take as much as a half an hour, because you are trying to remember what to do next.
After you do this a few times, it will only take a couple of minutes. It is really very easy.

You are welcome to print this out for your personal use. If you want to use this for any other reason, please
email me with a request. 

Cautions and Disclaimers:
Never leave incense or candles burning unattended.
We make no claims, where magic  is concerned, as to it's effectiveness or the reality of magical powers. This article is based on the experience of the author and others. This information is provided as a teaching guide, for how it is and has been used in the past, and you have to make your own decisions as to the suitability for any particular purpose. You have to take responsibility for your own choices and beliefs, in this lifetime. It works for me, your mileage may vary.
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Updated June 1, 2001
These instructions are intended to be of use to people from many different spiritual paths: Pagans, Wicca, Magicians, Healers,Christians, etc. The ritual is designed in such a way, so the reader may use their own spiritual beleifs and deity. Not every Pagan, Wiccan, etc. uses magic. This is simply here, for you to pick and choose. You may easily adjust the ritual to suit your spiritual needs, or not:)