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Current Moon Phase Information

See The Current Moon Phase

The current moon phase. Why would it be helpful to know the Moon phase?

The current Moon phase can be helpful in planning fishing trips, planting a garden, and in using magick.

Fish seem to be more active on the new and full Moons, so knowing these dates can be very helpful, but those are only 2 days of the month. Knowing the Moon rise/set time and the Sun rise/set time can add times of every day that fishing will be more fortuitous.

Planting is almost always more successful, if the seeding or transplanting is done between the new and full Moon. This waxing Moon is a period of growth and plants will tend to take hold faster and stronger.

In magick, the period from new to full, or waxing Moon, is used for magick involving increase. The waning moon, from full to new, is used for decrease. Look in our online book of shadows for more information about using the Moon for magical timing.

Below the zodiac pictures, is the current moon phase information. This is updated every time the page is viewed.   Have Fun!

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What Is The Current Moon Phase?

This is where you can come, anytime, to find out what the current Moon phase is! What can you do with this information?
Well, in magic, the Moon is very important. The Moon governs water. Water is what makes up most of our world. The ocean, rivers, and streams, even our bodies are mostly water. So, when the Moon is spinning around in its orbit, it has a direct effect on planet Earth! The amount of Sun reflected off the Moon, or Moon phase, is a sign for timing of events or good times to do particular things. Man has been using the Moon phases for as long back as there has been recorded history. The Moon has been used for the timing of going to war, signing peace agreements, getting married, coronations, planting crops, harvesting crops, fishermen even calculate when the fishing will be good by the Moon.

So, this page is for all you folk who would like to know just what phase of the Moon it is. When the Moon is waxing, it is said to be growing. This is from the New Moon phase, up to the Full Moon. From the time of the Full Moon, until the New Moon, is called the Waning Moon. This is when the Moon looks like it is disappearing. From here, on Earth, the Moon also appears to travel through the entire Zodiac, once a month. You can learn more about the Moon and magic in Our Book of Shadows. For now, enjoy ~

Current Moon Phase USA

Current Time and Date:   Friday 19th July 2024 06:35:42 PM CDT

Below, is how the Moon looks today, from the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.

The Current Moon Phase:

Current Moon Phase In The USA Image

Current Moon Phase In The Southern Hemisphere Image



The current Moon phase in the USA is:  97% Full Moon

The current Moon is 97% Illuminated.

The Moon is 13.200845796915 days old.



Moon phases in the USA for the next month:

Full Moon Last Qtr New Moon First Qtr
Moon Phase In The Northern Hemisphere ImageMoon Phase In The Northern Hemisphere ImageMoon Phase In The Northern Hemisphere ImageMoon Phase In The Northern Hemisphere Image
Sun Jul 21 Sat Jul 27 Sun Aug 04 Mon Aug 12


The Stars

These are the current astrological positions of the Sun and Moon:

These are the current planetary aspects of the Moon, including void of course (VC) over the next 2 days:

R indicates a retrograde planet.

Void Of Course just means the Moon will not be making any more aspects to other planets until it moves into the next zodiac sign. It is generally considered a bad idea to begin a new project when the moon is void of course.

The numbers in the aspects represent the degrees of the aspect.

0° is called a conjunction, meaning they occupy the same zodiacal degree at the same time. Harmonious or not will depend on the planets involved.

60° is called a sextile, and is usually considered harmonious. The energies involved will blend more easily.

90° is called a square, and is generally considered challenging. The energies involved do not blend so easily.

120° is called a trine, and is generally considered harmonious. The energies involved will blend more easily.

180° is called a opposition, and is generally considered challenging. The energies involved do not blend so easily.

Since the moon transits the entire zodiac every month, it makes all possible aspects with every planet, once a month. The effect of aspects may only last a few hours. Much will depend on the aspects of all the planets at the time. The moon can be an activator for a much stronger aspect involving other planets.



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