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Making Magic By The Moon & Stars
Using Astrology To Add Power To Your Magick Spells
By Erin Gjertsen
This article is about the astrological correspondences used in magick, proper timing for magic, lunar and solar  phases used in magic rites and spell casting, all to aid the witch/magician/pagan in making the most of their magical endeavors.

The Moon controls the tides, when fishing is good, when to plant the farmer's crops, and more.  Some people say the Moon has the greatest influence on our emotional state, and you can see "proof" of this on the full Moon, in any mental hospital or cocktail lounge. This is supposedly where the term "loony" comes from.

Magic involves the use of "power tides". Magicians will time their spells and rituals very carefully, to take advantage of the power tides and cycles.
The Moon is used widely in magic, and a magical rite performed in the proper Moon phase and astrological sign, will add appropriate planetary energy to your magic and give it that much more potential for success.

Of course, if the need is great enough, it would be foolish to wait 6 months to work your magic spell or ritual. Another exception, in my opinion, is if you are just beginning your magical practice. Certainly, aim for working magic spells or rituals in the proper Moon phase and sign, if possible, but the more actual practice you get, the more learned you will become. There is an old saying to the effect that "the worst plan carried out today, is much better than the perfect plan that is never carried out."

Using The Cycles Of The Moon

When the moon is in a particular astrological sign, any magical working will be colored by this energy. Working a magic spell for love when the moon is in Taurus, will add the complimentary energy of that sign to your work, making the spell that much more powerful.  Some goals associated with the different astrological signs are listed below.

Aries-Action, Adventure, Energy, Courage, Enthusiasm, Passion, Lust,Confidence, Masculine Issues, Spiritual Cleansing.
Taurus-Sensuality, Patience, Business, Money,  Love, Loyalty, Trust, Gardening, Beauty.
Gemini-Communication, Writing, Healing, Exposing Hidden Enemies, Intellectual Goals.
Cancer-Emotional Plane, Home, Children, Fertility, Feminine Issues. 
Leo-Creativity, Prosperity, Leadership, Acting, Gambling, Success, Employment, Spirituality, Healing.
Virgo-Mental Plane, Health, Animals, Practicality, Gardening, Stability, Education.
Libra-Romance, Balance, Peace, Fairness, Charm, Sympathy, Harmony, Social
Scorpio-Secrets, Power, Magnetism, Intuition, Passion, Excitement, Sex, Fertility, Divination, Occultism.
Sagittarius-Optimism, Freedom, Fun, Honesty, Philosophical, Exploring, Health, Money, Material, Experimentation.
Capricorn-Practical, Ambition, Peace Of Mind, Material Necessities, Removing Obstacles, Protection.
Aquarius-Friendship, Honesty, Loyalty, Spells Done For Others, Independence.
Pisces-Psychic Powers, Astral Plane, Emotions, Inner Self Work, Divination, Past Lives, Occultism, Spiritual Healing, S�ances.

Working Magic With The Lunar and Solar Phases

As well as the Moon sign, you will also want to pay attention to the Moon Phase.  The time of the New Moon, until the Full Moon is called "waxing".  In general, this is the time to perform magick associated with increase, gain, acquisition, etc.

The time from the Full Moon until the New Moon is called "waning".  Magic, associated with removal of the unwanted, decrease, etc. is best done during this time.
The Full Moon is considered, the most powerful day of the month to perform magic, with the New Moon being the second in line.

The Sun goes through a waxing and waning period, as well.  The waxing period is from Winter Solstice(approximately December 20) until Summer Solstice (approximately June 20th). Magic spells and rites for increase are best performed during this time.

The waning period is from the Summer Solstice until the Winter Solstice. Magic spells and rites for decrease are best performed during this time.

I have read arguments that a magician should avoid working with the dark of the moon(waning), at all, that the energies are too chaotic. The advice is to work your waning goal as close to the Full Moon as possible, and work during the waning half of the year(From Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice). I would say this: Listen to your inner self. You will be the best judge of what works well for you. If you still want to work with the dark of the moon, then pay attention. If you are experiencing problems working during the waning period, then perhaps this advice is best paid attention to.  Also, most goals can be reworded very easily, so that you are bringing something to you, rather than removing.

Using The Days Of The Week

Each day of the week relates to one of the seven planets that were known at the time the calendar was created.

Monday-relates to the Moon. A good day for magic relating to the emotions, the home, children, fertility, etc.

Tuesday-Tiu's Day-A Norse god of justice. The day of Mars (Mardi-Gras=fat Tuesday).  A good day for gaining ambition, construction, courage, or for ridding your self of negativity, and for spiritual cleansing.

Wednesday-Wodin's Day-The Great Father of Norse mythology. This is the day of Mercury. Excellent for writing spells, incantations, etc. This is the best day for work with oracles, goal setting, planning future magical rites, and performing magic for Mercury related goals.

Thursday-Thor's Day-Thor, the Norse god of lightning and thunder. The rolling of the wheels of his chariot is said to create the thunder that rolls across the heavens.  This is the day of Jupiter. This is the best day for working for money, prosperity, or other Jupiter related goals.

Friday-Freya's Day-Freya, Norse goddess of love and fertility. This is the day of Venus. Great day for magic to assist in love, peace, harmony, and friendship.

Saturday-Saturn's Day-Saturn relates to responsibility, stability, business acumen, restriction, obstacles, and longevity. Saturday is a great day for working towards positive Saturn goals, or for removing unwanted blocks, restrictions, and responsibilities.

Sunday-Sun's Day-Sunday is all out, a great day for magick. Wonderful for all kinds of goals, but especially good for healing and success oriented goals.

Useful Power Days For Magic

Winter Solstice-Approximately December 20th.  The first day of Winter.  The shortest day of the year. This is a great day for goal setting and deciding what you want to flow into your life, over the next 6 months. If your goal is already set, then perform your magic.

Candlemas- February 2. Mid-Winter, spring is just around the corner, days start to appear noticeably longer.  Rethink your goal(s) set at the Winter Solstice.  If they are still in line, perform your magic.

Vernal Equinox-Approximately March 21st. This is the first day of spring. Night and day are of equal length. This is the time to perform magic spells to increase the good and abundance in your life.  The time to work for new beginnings, new relationships, good health, etc.

Beltane-May 1st. Mid-Spring. Light is increasing, flowers are blooming. Work magic for increase. This is a great time to work for love attraction and magic.

Summer Solstice-Approximately June 21st, also called Midsummer. This is the first day of summer, and the longest day of the year. This is the time to set goals for the next 6 months. What do you want to remove from your life.  If you have already set those goals, then this is the perfect time to perform your magic.

St. John's Eve or Midsummer's Eve-
This is the evening of June 23rd. Traditional power day based in Christianity, suposedly very good for harvesting magical herbs.

Lammas- August 1st. A time of the first harvest. Time of thanksgiving to all who have assisted you or blessed you. Rethink your goal(s) set at Summer Solstice, and if you still feel this is the right thing for you, perform your magic.

Autumn Equinox-  Approximately September 21st. First day of fall.  Day and night are of equal length. Fall harvest. Time to perform magic to rid yourself of negativity. Time to sever ties that no longer serve you.

Halloween-October 31st. Mid-Autumn. Darkness is increasing. The final harvest of the year. A time of thanksgiving. A time to thank the Earth for all her blessings. A time to thank all who came before you, who are no longer with you(family, friends, ancestors, etc.) A great time for ridding yourself of anything that you have outgrown, and anything negative that no longer serves you.

These are only guidelines for working with the Moon and astrology. Practice is one of the most important parts of becoming a successful magician. So, practice.
Life is like the Wheel of Fortune of the Tarot, it is always turning. There is a season(time) for all things. Paying attention to the turning of the wheel, will make your magical endeavors that much easier and more successful.

We make no claims, where magic  is concerned, as to it's effectiveness or the reality of magical powers. This article is based on the experience of the author and others. This information is provided as a teaching guide, for how it is and has been used in the past, and you have to make your own decisions as to the suitability for any particular purpose. You have to take responsibility for your own choices and beliefs, in this lifetime. It works for me, your mileage may vary.

Making Magic By The Moon & Stars
Using Astrology To Add Power To Your Magick Spells
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When the moon is in a particular astrological sign, any magical working will be colored by this energy. Working a magic spell for love when the moon is in Taurus, will add the complimentary energy of that sign to your work, making the spell that much more powerful.