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Learn About Crystals & Stones
Metaphysical Rocks & Minerals

Crystals, rocks, gemstones, minerals, jewels. Besides looking pretty, just what good are they?  We hope to shed some light into the mysterious world of crystals and stones on these pages.

... The ancient masters held that the influences exerted by the heavenly  bodies entered into harmonious relations with various terrestrial substances.

Hence, we have the venerable philosophy of fortunate stones, planetary gems, and stones of power, which form a part of the vast department known as talismanic magic. ...

Excerpted from "The Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones" By Isidore Kozminsky 1922 (I was fortunate enough to have somebody give me an original copy of this wonderful old book on the metaphysical and magical use of crystals and gems).

Kozminsky really describes this metaphysical crystals section quite well. 

Are you a rockhound, like me, and just want to find the metaphysical associations of your favorite stones or are you looking for the secrets of dowsing and crystal healing?

Below, you will find information about birthstones, metaphysical properties of rocks, minerals, and gemstones, planetary associations of crystals and stones, the ways they can be used to enhance our lives, and much more!

~ Have Fun!

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The mineral kingdom is an enormous place and the study of the metaphysical uses of stones is a never ending journey. While we strive to bring you a wealth of free metaphysical information, no one website (or book) will have all the information available on this fascinating subject.

Click on any link, below, to look over some wonderful articles on the metaphysical use of crystals and stones. I hope you enjoy them!
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Crystals & Stones Articles
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How To Use Crystals & Stones

After you are done here, be sure to head back to the library to learn more about fun metaphysical subjects, such as incense, candles, auras, ghosts, and much, much more!

The metaphysical information we provide about rocks, minerals, and crystals is for entertainment purposes only. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page for more.

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