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Learn About Herbs-Grandpa's General Store-The magical and medicinal use of herbs. Cautions, Warnings, about using herbs. About Herbal Remedies.
About Herbs-Grandpa's General Store-Caution about using herbs for medicine. Learn about herbs. Using Herbal Remedies.
Learn About Using Herbs. Herbal Remedies. Herb Medicine Use.
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Learn About Herbs...
About Using Grandpa's Herbs
The magical and medicinal uses of herbs, described on our site, come from a variety of sources, both modern and historical. Some information may be inaccurate.

Although our herbs are not sprayed, irradiated, or otherwise adulterated, we only sell the herbs for crafting and cannot advise on herbal medicine use. 

It is important to remember that many herbal remedies can be quite powerful and should not be taken internally without getting proper advice from your health practitioner, first.

Some Cautions About Using Herbs

Some people, who are prone to topical (skin) allergies, could have a bad reaction to certain herbal baths. 

If you have a history of allergies,
are pregnant, or have any type of ailment, caution should be used with all herbal products. 

If you are pregnant, some herbs that you may have used safely, in the past, may now be temporarily harmful, even in a bathtub...

The best way to be safe, is to be informed. Find out as much as you can about the herb, and if you are still not sure, check with your health practitioner or poison control center, before you use the herb.

Additionally, if you
are taking a prescription or over-the -counter medication, herbal treatments can have sometimes lethal side effects. Herbs are Nature's medicine and one medicine can react adversely with another.

We CANNOT Advise You

As we have not been formally trained in healthcare, we cannot advise you on the medicinal use or dosages of any particular herb.

NONE of the information on our site is meant as a substitute for conventional medicine.

Just because we do not have a caution next to an herb, does NOT imply that the herb is harmless. We may be unaware of a side effect. Also almost any herb, used in a large enough quantity, may be potentially dangerous.

The author of these pages assumes no liability for any harm that comes from using or misusing any of the information described on our site.


This is not meant to frighten, only to enlighten.
Almost every single "conventional" medicine, owes it's origin to a plant that grows in nature.

It is your responisibility to learn about anything that you intend to use on, or in, your own body. It is always wise to check with your healthcare practitioner, before you begin using any herbal product.

'Nuff Said. We hope this has helped you to learn a little about the use of herbs. Enjoy using herbs, safely!

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Legally necessary MagicalWitchcraftMetaphysicalOccultMumboJumboDisclaimerThingy - The author of these pages assumes no liability for any harm that comes from using or misusing any of the information described on our site. All items and articles, either spiritual, magickal, or health related in nature, are presented or sold as curios only. The owners and staff at Grandpa's General Store make no claims as to the effectiveness of the products sold, or to the validity or effectiveness of any of the magickal/metaphysical/medicinal information presented. But on a personal note... our customers have overall been very pleased with these products and services. Want to know what people say? click here!!
This page: Learn about herbs, How to use herbal medicine, about using herbal remedies, how to use herbs as medicine.
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