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About Smudging

"Smudging" is the burning of the sacred herbs in tribal cleansing, purification, and prayer ceremonies.  Each of these herbs is considered "sacred" by Native Americans who have used the wands or loose herbs for generations in the "smudging" ceremony.

How To Smudge

WANDS-Light the end of your wand.  After it is ignited for about 10-15 seconds, extinguish the flame and direct the smoke around your body and/or the space you wish to "clear".  You may wish to use an abalone shell or some other heat-proof container to catch falling ash/ember.  You may also set the wand in the container and use a  "smudging feather" or your hand to direct the smoke.

LOOSE HERBS-Place the smudge herbs in your abalone shell or other heat- proof container.  Ignite the herbs, let burn for a few seconds and extinguish.  You may use a "smudging feather" or your hand to direct the smoke as you move the smuge around the body and/or space you are smudging.

PLEASE NOTE-When you are finished, you need to be sure your smudge is COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED. Lit Smudge should never be left unattended and care should be used when extinguishing.  Please check your wand or bowl Carefully before leaving the space to do something else.  May all your smudging experiences be pleasant ones!

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