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How To Make Your Own Magick Wand

By Linda Seekins

In making my wand, I cut it from a larger branch that was cut from a cedar tree that had to be trimmed back anyway, so it was not taken unnecessarily.

I removed the attached twigs and debarked it and allowed it to dry for about a week. Then I sanded down the nubs left from the twigs until it was smooth.

After this, I carved two curving bands about half an inch wide entertwining around the wand from top to bottom, one going clockwise and the other counterclockwise, similar to the serpents on the caduceus. These are carved in relief so as to look as though they were wrapped around the wand.

Then I carved a socket about a quarter inch deep in the tip into which I set a perfectly clear, one-and-a-half-inch long, natural crystal, using a little glue to hold it in place. The entire length, including the crystal, is fifteen inches.

I oiled the wand using simple mineral oil which isn't likely to go rancid and then using a soft cloth, rubbed it until it gleamed.

Finally, I purified and conscrated the wand in the circle. I made a tube-shaped bag out of red velvet lined with red silk with a red satin drawstring to close it (red is the color of fire), into which I slide the wand to keep it safe and away from contamination.

Throughout the entire process, from when I first cut the wand to the end of the process, I concentrated on it being a tool of power and of the fire element, made in honor of the Goddess and the God who are represented by the intertwining bands.

Although this was a lot of work, I feel it was worth it, for it is a powerful tool. It has been my opinion that the more effort you put into making a tool, the more powerful it is, for the energy and concentration you expend goes into it.

I also have a cedar staff that is the same height that I am, which came from the same cedar branch, but I haven't done anything more than sand it smooth and oil it as yet.
I hope that this was helpful.


Beginners Note:

To get the most out of these magick wand instructions, pay attention to the feeling that Linda puts into her wand, as she crafts.  Linda used cedar here.  She has found that it is helpful to her, it is of the fire element, and she feels it is compatable for her use. 
Magick wands may be made from many diferent woods.  These instructions can apply to a magick wand made from most any wood, and the decor you use, can be of your own design, something you feel comfortable with.  Draw upon your inner resources and creativity to create a work that truly represents "you"and your tool's purpose.
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How To Make Your Own Magick Wand
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Grandpa's Learn Stuff Pages.  Learn how to make your own magickal tools!  Lessons in Making a cedar healing wand.  Great for pagans, wicca, druid, healers, and new age seekers, alike!How To Make Your Own Magick Wand or how to make your own wand for magick.
How To Make Your Own Magick Wand
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