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Dragon's Blood Resin Incense

This dragon's blood resin comes in a vial about 4 inches
tall, if you include the cork. From Astral Sea Incense,
8 Drams of pure dragon's blood resin, mostly powdered, with a few chunks, here and there. 
Dragon's Blood is used to raise magickal energy and to add power to any spell. It Also used to increase potency. Best of all it smells REALLY good, too!  You will need
charcoal tablets to burn dragon's blood resin.

ASDBP   Dragon's Blood Resin-8 dram glass vial  $4.99

Looking for cut & sift pure dragon's blood resin?
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Last updated September 2, 2004  
Pure Dragon's Blood Resin in a glass vial with cork! Great smelling incense!
(Pictured above, from left to right)
Amber Resin, Open Box,  Large & Small Rosewood Boxes
(The large box comes with amber resin included)

Amber Resin From The Himalayas
& Amber Resin In A Box

Fragrant Amber Resin, or Amber Essence

Amber harmonizes, balances, purifies, & enhances the body
& senses. Our golden amber resin is a costly blend of
crystalized rare tree gums, powders, & oils, including
Patchouli, Mysore Sandalwood, and Liquid Amber Oil.

Amber resin may be worn as a body scent, burned as an incense over charcoal, placed on hot rocks in the sauna, or diffused through a perforated box, as above, to scent the home.
We have 5 gm soft amber resin/essence in a bag The soft amber can be broken off and burned as an incense, or worn as a perfume. 

Amber Resin In A Rosewood Box
Each box omes with a 5 gm package of amber resin, inside!  The box has carved openings in it, so the fragrance can permeate the air in the room, car, what have you.

When you run out of amber resin, you can replace it with the very same amber resin refills, above!

Amber has a harmonizing effect on the etheric body.  Many people have told me it gives them a sort of "Happy Buzz", when they smell it.

Our amber box measures about 4" long x 2" wide x about 1" tall. It has inlaid brass moon and stars on each end.

Box styles may vary, somewhat. All have a perforated top, but the wood color and pattern of the holes may vary, from box to box.

Tiny Rosewood Box
You can also purchase our tiny rosewood box, (seen above in the picture with the larger amber box) to hold a small piece of amber resin.

They are basically the same style as the larger rosewood box, but have a solid brass plate at each end. They measure about 1 1/2" x 1" x 3/4", and are just perfect for personal use, as in your dresser drawer, or in your purse or pocket. They will hold approximately 1/2 of the resin refill, with no trouble.

These tiny wood boxes would also make cool tooth fairy boxes. You can just fit a folded up dollar, inside!

AMB5      5 gm Amber Resin in a bag  $4.95 each
AMBBX   Amber Resin In A Rosewood Box  $9.95 each
AMBBX-T  Tiny Rosewood Box    $3.95 each
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Dragon's Blood Incense
5Gm Amber Resin
Large Box With Amber Resin
Tiny Rosewood Box
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Our amber resin comes in a 5 gram bag, with information on what it is, and how amber resin is used.
The larger rosewood box has a moon and stars inlaid, in brass, at each end. The tiny rosewood box has solid brass plates at each end and will hold about one half of the amber!
Amber resin, or essence, may be rubbed on the wrist and worn as perfume, or burned over charcoal, as an incense. Our amber stone box has perforation designs that may vary from box to box.