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Imported Incense
Song Of India Dhoop Incense
Namaste Cone Incense From India

~ Song Of India Dhoop Incense ~
~ Natural Incense Dhoops ~

There is something so relaxing about the fragrance of Song Of India Incense...
These are a traditional Indian incense. The fragrance is Awesome! They are all purely hand made from Sandalwood powder, highly flavored aromatic roots, resins and herbs with natural flower oils.  They are free from any toxic substance.  This mystic aroma is specially formulated to worship GOD, destroy smoke and bad air, and to create a fresh, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for every day activities.These incense are brought to you by R-Expo, winner of the Europe Award For Quality.  The incense sticks are about 1 1/2 inches long and come 10 sticks in a little cardboard box.

Song of India Dhoop Incense are currently available in the following fragrances: Amber, Poppy, Pine, Rose, & Sage.

Although these are not "magical" incense, the scents are often used in magic. Below, are some of the purposes associated with the various incense.

Amber dhoop-a scent to harmonize and balance the body and mind.
Poppy dhoop-scent for divination, fertility, sleep, Luna, & Water
Pine dhoop-scent for prosperity, cleansing, & healing
Rose dhoop-scent for love, peace, & relaxation. Venus
Sage dhoop-scent for cleansing, protection, longevity, & wishes

Each box is only 79 cents a package!
Don't burn these in the little box, unless you watch, very carefully! If you don't have a "dhoop incense burner", you can do what I do. I have a large stoneware bowl that is filled with sand. I just stick the dhoop sticks upright in the bowl and light the top. They burn perfectly!

SOIDAMB  Song Of India Amber Dhoop Incense-79 cents
SOIDPOP  Song Of India Poppy Dhoop Incense-79 cents
SOIDPIN  Song Of India Pine Dhoop Incense-79 cents
SOIDROS  Song Of India Rose Dhoop Incense-79 cents
SOIDSAG Song Of India Sage Dhoop Incense-79 cents
(may be purchased below)

Don't know how to burn incense?
Read about how to burn incense,
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Last updated September 4, 2004  
~ Namaste Incense Cones ~
~ Imported Incense From India~
~ Indian Incense Cones ~

Namaste Natural Incense cones... The fragrance of India.  These come 16 cones to a box, and we have them in 9 fragrances. The boxes make pretty cool little trinket boxes, when they are empty, too! Brought to you by the makers of Song Of India, R-Expo. The fragrance is quite similar :)

Current Namaste Cone Fragrances Available:

NEW!NAMCAM     Namaste Amber Incense Cones
NAMCAP   Namaste Aphrodesia Incense Cones
NAMCFR   Namaste Frankincense Incense Cones
NAMCKM   Namaste Krishna Musk Incense Cones
NAMCLO   Namaste Lotus Incense Cones
NAMCNQ   Namaste Night Queen Incense Cones
NAMCPA   Namaste Patchouly Incense Cones
NAMCPI    Namaste Pine Incense Cones
NAMCRO   Namaste Rose Incense Cones
NAMCSA   Namaste Sandalwood Incense Cones

Namaste Incense Cones-Box of 16 cones- $1.99 box
Interested in trying some American made incense cones?  Click Here!
To add an incense fragrance to your basket, simply click on the box to the left of the fragrance you wish to add, change the number to the quantity you wish to add. Then, when you have selected all the fragrances you wish, click on the "add to your shopping cart" button.

Song of India Dhoop Incense, Just 79 cents a box!

Song Of India Amber Dhoop
Song of India Pine Dhoop
Song Of India Poppy Dhoop
Song of India Rose Dhoop
Song of India Sage Dhoop

Namaste Cone Incense, Just $1.99 cents a box!

Namaste Amber Cones
Namaste Aphrodesia Cones
Namaste Frankincense Cones
Namaste Krishna Musk Cones
Namaste Lotus Cones
Namaste Night Queen Cones
Namaste Patchouly Cones
Namaste Pine Cones
Namaste Rose Cones
Namaste Sandalwood Cones
Namaste Incense Cones From India-Indian Incense-Aprodesia, Frankincense, Krishna Musk Incense, Lotus, Patchouly, Indian Pine Incense, Namaste Rose Cones, Sandalwood Cone Incense From India
Song Of India Dhoop Incense Amber Dhoops Sticks-Poppy, Pine Rose & Sage Dhoop Incense Sticks From India
Graphic Designę Dave Buckland 2001-2004
Used with permission
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