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Mini sticks by the pack.  20 brightly colored mini sticks (4"), in every package.  Each labeled with magical qualities. 
Maybe you want to remember your dreams. Perhaps, you need a bit of luck. Your sense of smell is one of the quickest ways to the subconscious, so if you are trying to change something about your life, why not add an appropriate scent and energy?

I always recommend making your own incense, but sometimes that is just not as easy or convenient as it sounds.  These little guys are handy and there is something for almost every magical purpose. These were one of the most popular incense in my store, just because they were so convenient!  The following fragrances are currently available:
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Mini Stick Incense
By Eye Of The Day
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Earth Warrior
Money Drawing
Moon Mysteries
Mini Ashcatcher
The little red cauldron, shown in the picture above, can be seen HERE.
Looking for ritual incense? Click Here to take you to ritual tools, where you will find fragrances like circle, full moon, & dragon's blood.
Magical incense by eye of the day, for all your magical needs. Great for  spellcraft supplies, circle work, ritual incense, or just to sit back and enjoy!
Dreams-Light Green/Jasmine
Earth Warrior-Gold/Patchouly
Money Draw-Dark Green/Musk
Moon Mysteries-Blue/Amber
Eye Of The Day Mini Sticks
20-4 inch sticks in a package  $1.79/pack
We also have cute little wooden ashcatchers for the mini sticks. The ashcatchers are about 5 inches long and can be seen in the picture above.  The ashcatchers are priced at only $1.49 each.