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Astrological Powdered Incense
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Zodiac Blend Powdered Incense are not
combustible incense. This means they will
not burn by themselves.  Zodiac Blend
incense are intended to be burned over

charcoal tablets.
  The individual incense
come in 1/2 oz packages in the following

Aries- Nepalese Musk Powdered Incense
Taurus- Amber Patchouly Powdered Incense
Gemini- Tuberose Powdered Incense
Cancer- Myrrh Powdered Incense
Leo- Pure Sandalwood Powdered Incense
Virgo- Patchouly Powdered Incense
Libra- Yellow Rose Powdered Incense
Scorpio- Frankincense Powdered Incense
Sagitarius- Cedarwood Powdered Incense
Capricorn- Vetivert Powdered Incense
Aquarius- Saffron Sandalwood
Pisces- Jasmine Powdered Incense

1/2 oz. Packages of Zodiac Blend Powdered Incense   $2.99 each.

Zodiac Blend Gift Set of 12 Astrological Incense

Zodiac Astrological incense may also be purchased as a gift set. The gift set includes a  full set of 12 packages of powdered incense, one for every sign.  The incense comes with a beautiful chest to store them in! 

Zodiac Powdered Astrological Incense Gift Set  $58.00
To add items to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of incense you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
Aries Incense
Taurus Incense
Gemini Incense
Cancer Incense
Leo Incense
Virgo Incense
Libra Incense
Scorpio Incense
Sagitarius Incense
Capricorn Incense
Aquarius Incense
Pisces Incense
Zodiac Gift Set
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Zodiac Blend Powdered Incense

Zodiac Blends Astrological Incense Powders are made by Mystic Temple.  Zodiac incense powders have been formulated under the auspicious phase of the moon, meaning that each incense is created at the appropriate time, for added astrological energy.

Each Zodiac powdered incense is a different herb or combination of herbs and/or resins, to be burned over charcoal tablets.  Each scent relates to a specific Astrological sign of the Zodiac, and are intended to focus the particular qualities, properties, or energy of that sign.

You do not have to be a "Leo" to use Leo incense. Perhaps you would just like to enhance some of the qualities of the Leo in yourself, or want to feel that particular energy. Then, get yourself a package of Leo Zodiac Incense!
Zodiac Blend Powdered Incense- Great Astrological Incense, magickal incense. Good for ritual use, for witchcraft when needing particular planetary energy, or for pure enjoyment!
Zodiac Blend Powdered Incense Gift Set.  A complete set of 12 Zodiac Blends and a wonderful keepsake chest!
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