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50 Stick Incense Grab Bag
Grandpa's Bargains & Closeouts

Metaphysical Incense Stick Variety Grab Bags

You won't believe this incense deal!
A tornado went through Grandpa's! Well, not really. It was more like a 4 legged tornado... and a whole lot of incense sticks got all mixed up. With no way to sort the incense all out again, we offer you an excellent deal on a variety grab bag of Grandpa's Incense.

Each grab bag has 50 incense sticks, from among Grandpa's own
metaphysical & ritual incense pages.  If you just love incense, this is an incredible bargain! Get 'em while their hot!  Each Variety Grab Bag of Grandpa's Incense comes with Grandpa's traditional incense label! These incense grab bags would make fine gifts for your incense lover who loves surprises!! 
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Here is just one of our customer comments about Grandpa's Grab Bag Incense:

Oh, just to let you know, everyone loves your incense.  I have been a candle burner for years and must admit that your incense are far superior.  (and I wasn't buying inexpensive candles either <g>)  My kids take a few each time they visit so I'll be a regular customer for those.

Love and light,

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Grandpa's Grab Bags will contain some or all of the following fragrances: Amaretto, Cedarwood, Cherry, Coconut, Enchanted Forest, Frankincense, French Lavender, French Vanilla, Gingerbread, Irish Leather, Lemon, Lilac, Mulberry, Night Jasmine, Nile Lotus, Opium, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Strawberry, Victorian Rose, Wisteria, Celtic Mystery, Circle, Divination, Dragon's Blood, Full Moon, God, Goddess, Healing, Kyphi, Magic, Pan, Sacred Space, Shaman, & Sweetgrass.

It is simply luck of the draw, what type of incense you will find in these great grab bags. If you love surprises, and LOVE incense, you will LOVE these bargain incense grab bags!!

Grandpa's Incense Grab Bags contain 50 sticks of Grandpa's American Made Incense!
We're only human. Upon occasion, a bag may contain an extra stick or only have 49...

INGPGB50 Grandpa's Variety Incense Grab Bags
$4.00 a bag 
Grandpa's Incense Grab Bags, Discount Incense, If You Love Bargains, You Will Love Our Bargain Incense Grab Bags!!
Label For Grandpa's Incense Variety Grab Bags. Grandpas Variety Pack-Variety Incense Grab Bags-Great Grab Bags For The Incense Lover, A Real Bargain, For The Incense Bargain Hunter!