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Gemstone Incense - Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts Occult & Metaphysical Supplieshe cool place to shop online for incense powders and chakra healing tools. Gemstone Essence Incense Powders are designed to aid those working with chakra energies and symbolism, as well.  Each Gemstone Essence Incense is patterned after the color, fire and brilliance of each stone. gem incense gemstone insense shakra insence matchlite incense
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Practitioners of crystal healing believe that gemstones and crystals, contain energies that can assist in the healing of body and mind. The key factor in using these tools is one's positive intentions, willingness, and desire for harmony and health.

These are wonderful powdered incense! Each incense powder relates to a particular gemstone and is patterned after the color, brilliance, and fire of that stone.

There are 7 different Gemstone Essence Incense. Each gemstone essence relates to a particular gemstone, energy, and

Gemstone essence incense may be used to help bring the qualities of the gemstone into your environment during healing sessions, chakra work, meditation or just for pure enjoyment!
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Last Updated September 6, 2004        
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Garnet Incense
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Aquamarine Incense
Lapis Incense
Quartz Incense
Crystal Chakra Incense-Crystal incense-Gemstone essence incense may be used to help bring the qualities of the gemstone into your environment during healing sessions, chakra work, meditation or just for pure enjoyment!
Grandpa's Gemstone Essence Incense
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Our Gemstone Essence Incense comes in 7 varieties, each relating to a particular gemstone and chakra.

Garnet Essence is red and, relates to the root or base chakra.
Garnet can awaken potential and become balanced with the earth. It is also used to assist in love, security, and power issues. Garnet's base fragrance is

Carnelian Essence is orange and relates to the 2nd Chakra. Carnelian can help stimulate creative energies, procreation, and sexuality. It is also used to help bring joy, happiness, and serenity. Carnelian's base fragrance is Gardenia.

Citrine Essence is yellow and relates to the 3rd Chakra -  Citrine increases self discipline and responsibility balances regeneration of the physical body. Citrine is also used for abundance, success, removing negativity, and aura cleansing. Citrines's base fragrance is Honeysuckle.

Aventurine Essence is Green and relates to the 4th Chakra - Aventurine elevates awareness of the heart, soul consciousness, balances emotion and self love. Aventurine is also believed to assist with money and luck. Aventurine's base fragrance is Juniper.

Aquamarine Essence is aqua and relates to the 5th Chakra - Aquamarine aids in expressing universal truths and verbalizing ones own mind. It aids in  emotional understanding and expression of self. A calming & soothing gem. Aquamarine's base fragrance is Carnation.

Lapis Essence is deep blue and relates to the 6th Chakra - Lapis gives visionary insight in the universal mind, attuning to divine perfection. Lapis is also used for courage, healing, love, protection and psychism.  Lapis's base fragrance is Lavender.

Quartz Crystal Essence is Violet and relates to the 7th Chakra. Quartz is used to gain peace, wisdom and connect with infinite oneness and immortality. Quartz is also used for good luck, grounding, fortune, and study. Quartz's base fragrance is Wisteria.

Grandpa's Gemstone Essence Incense powders are the perfect help for your daily meditations or just for pure enjoyment!

Our Gemstone powders come in a hefty 3" x 4" zip lock bag. Each Gemstone Essence incense is labeled with some of the metaphysical uses for the particular incense and the chakra associated.

Gemstone Essence powders also have basic instructions for burning, as well. These are match-lite incense, so you can use them as they are. Simply pour a small amount in a pile and light! The incense will sparkle and burn across the pile. No need for charcoal!

You nee
d an incense burner that will handle excessive heat. We suggest you choose an incense burner made for charcoal, even though charcoal is not required to burn this incense. Need an incense burner? Check out our incense burners,here! Of course, you can always email us, if you have any questions!

Grandpa's Gemstone Essence Incense $4.49 each
Chakras ~ Wheels Of Light

Chakras are energy centers within the body.  Chakra is the Sanscrit word meaning something akin to circles, wheels, or centers. The word Chakras, describes the innerconnected energy centers in alignment with the spinal cord within what is called the subtle body. The subtle body is the psychic, non physical body that is superimposed upon our material body. Each chakra governs different elements of our spiritual and physical health.. There are 7 major chakras- Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base. There are several corresponding scents, gemstones, colors and other spiritual and mystical aspects to these points of light and energy. Balancing these energies can create a healthier body, mentally, emotionally and physically.
According to Eastern philosophy, blocked or negative energy can lead to emotional and physical ailments.  It is believed that meditation on the various chakras can help the body and mind heal.  It is also believed that each of the chakras is stimulated by color and fragrance. The key factor in using these tools is one's positive intentions, willingness, and desire for harmony and health.

Grandpa's Gemstone Essence Incense powders are just
the thing for chakra work, meditation, or just for pure

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