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About Imported Dhoop Incense

Most dhoops are little sticks about 2 inches long.  There is no real "stick" in the middle, just a tubular shaped incense.  Some dhoop sticks are longer, some incense are much wider, some are soft incense and some are hard. All the imported dhoop sticks we have tried are very different.  They may be small, but the fragrances lingers on and on. If you like unusual incense, or incense from India, maybe you should give dhoops a try. They are definitely a different type of incense!
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Imported Incense-Dhoop Sticks
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Mysore Sugandhi
Chandan Dhoop Sticks
Incense From Mysore

This is my personal favorite dhoop stick incense.  They are darker than in the picture, but the same size.  I break off a piece and burn it in my cone incense burner.  The fragrance lasts a long time(that is why I break off a piece). The package is kind of cool, too. There is a picture of the Maharaja of Mysore, in there.  I didn't know he existed until I got my first box. 16  logs  in a box.

$2.99 a box
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Padmini Dhoop
Laxmi Dhoop
Chandan Dhoop
Padmini Dhoop Stick Incense From India, Try Some Today!
Laxmi Dhoop Stick Incense From India

This is traditional dhoop incense, gummy logs and all. Some people love it and some can't stand it. A very powerful scent. Laxmi, or Lakshmi, is a Hindu Goddess of wealth. This dhoop incense is supposed to be a good luck incense, that will help you to manifest your desires.
Directions for Use:  
Roll the dhoop into 1/2 inch thickness & form into cone shape. 
Light tip of the fragrance dhoop until it flames. 
After tip glows, blow out flame. 
Fix into a dhoop holder or firm surface. 

8 Sticks in a box $2.99 a box
Padmini Perfumed Dhoop Sticks, Incense From India. Padmini Dhoop Incense Is One Of Our Most Poplular Dhoop Incense.
Mysore Sugandhi Chandan Dhoop Sticks, Incense From Mysore. It Is Awesome!
Laxmi Dhoop Stick Incense, From India. Laxmi or Lakshmi, Is the Five Headed Hindu Goddess Of Wealth & Prosperity. Burn Laxmi Dhoop Stick, Imported Incense For Prosperity!
Padmini Dhoop Incense

Padmini dhoop sticks from India. Semisweet scent that is musky but not sharp. They show the dhoop sticks being burned in the top of the box.  This is NOT recomended as the box is made of cardboard.  We burn them in a cone  or charcoal incense burner.
Box of 10 sticks 79 cents a box
Are you looking for Song Of India Dhoop Stick Incense?