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Namaste Natural Incense Cones are made in the Indian
traditional process of incense making.  Fine powder of
Sandal Wood, resins, herbs, and highly flavored
aromatic roots are put together with natural flower oils.
Then the incense is formed into the familiar cone shape,
using hand made blocks of wood.  Namaste Dhoop
Incense Cones are free of any toxic substance.  These
cone incense are brought to you by R-Expo, winner of
the Europe Award For Quality. 

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Last updated June 13, 2003  
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Namaste Assorted Gift Box
Namaste Gift Box ~ Assorted Incense Cones 

These incense cones come assorted, in an attractive gift
box of 36 cones, with a little aluminum  incense burner,
included in the box!
The box slides open and closed and has a celophane
wrapper, protecting the incense.  It is of colorfully printed
cardboard, decorated with hindu artwork.
No, our name does
NOT appear on the box. That was just for the web :)

A picture of the Namaste gift box can be seen, above
(artwork may vary and no, our name is not on the box).
The 6 fragrances included in the assortment are: Jasmine,
Patchouli, Poppy, Rhododendron, Rose, and Sandalwood.

Namaste assorted incense cones make fine little stocking stuffers or a wonderful way to try many different scents at
a small cost. The perfect little gift for any incense lover!

The Namaste Gift Box measures about 4 1/2" X 4 1/2".
Nam36-Box of 36 assorted Namaste Incense Cones  $3.99
Namaste Gift Box-Assorted Imported Incense Cones-Namaste Natural Incense Cones are made through the Indian traditional process of dhoop incense making.  Fine powder of Sandal Wood, resins, herbs, and highly flavored aromatic roots are put together with natural flower oils.
Namaste Incense Cones Gift Box-Assorted In 6 Different Fragrances-Wonderful Cone Incense From India! These make great incense gift ideas, for the incense lover in your life!
Namaste Assorted Incense Cones-They come in
this nifty gift box, with a little cone burner, too!

Our name is not on the box. That is just for the web :)