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Xuan Kong Feng Shui
An Elementary Introduction

He Luo with Bill Clement
This article will periodically be updated.

The goal of this article is to clarify the concepts of Feng Shui.
Then eventuality, with comprehension and practice, will be the ability to construct and interpret the Flying Star Chart.

This article is chock full of information and takes up 14 short pages.  So that you may return to the page where you left off, the links below will take you to individual pages of the article.  Have fun!

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You are new to Feng Shui, and in your attempt to understand it you have changed your bed position three times in the past year. You have come to the realization that the bamboo flutes hanging from your ceiling disrupt the d�cor of your home and you keep tripping over that three-legged frog with the coin in its mouth which sits on the floor just inside of your front door (and you still haven�t won the lottery you expected)!

Are you puzzled by the many books on Feng Shui, confused by the multitudes of interpretations, frustrated by the relentless contradictions, and intimidated by the noxious controversies? You are not alone!

Many Oriental systems have been introduced during the last thirty years. None of them seems to have risen to the status of hype and with the extensive controversy as does Feng Shui. Most other systems do not even come near the many contradictions which exists within the �modern� systems called Feng Shui

The truth of Feng Shui follows the pattern of the sun, the rotation of the Earth, the seasons, and the relative directions based on the magnetic fields of the Earth; nothing more.
What is Feng Shui?

In translation, Feng Shui literally means �Wind and Water�. In application it is an environmental science based on the continuous observations by sages in contemplation of the underlying Principle of the Universe known as Qi.

What is Xuan Kong?

The literal translation of Xuan is "Time". The literal translation of Kong is "Space". The literal translation of Xuan Kong therefore is "Time and Space"

Xuan Kong, the most highly regarded system of Feng Shui, follows the rationale of logic and mathematical formulae. Xuan Kong has emphasized this same approach for thousands of years. Xuan Kong adheres to the fundamentals of Qi without involving rituals or religious beliefs. Xuan Kong is a no-nonsense system which is actually easy to apply.

Xuan Kong Feng Shui techniques are based on accurate observation of environmental influence. In Xuan Kong we act upon these influences.

What is Kan Yu?
Kan Yu is often referred to as time and space. Kan literally translates as the Way or Regularity of Heaven. Yu literally translates as the Way or Regularity of Earth. Kan Yu therefore literally translates as the Way or Regularity of Heaven and Earth. It is often used interchangeably with the term Xuan Kong, although it is acutally one of the principal factors of Xuan Kong.

What is San Yuan?

San Yuan refers to the observations of Time. San literally translates at Three. Yuan literally translates as Cycle. San Yuan literally translates as the �Three Cycles' or �Three Periods�in reference to three distinct sixty year periods.

In the past, some theorists of the Xuan Kong School were unable to define the Period �5� because the Number 5 resides in the center of the Luo Shu and can appear not to belong to any trigram.

They then divided the �Period 5� into two sections. The upper half belonging to the last Period and the lower part belonging to the next Period. So, what had been three cycles became two cycles.

To distinguish between these two Xuan Kong schools, practitioners using the Three Cycles technique became known as �San Yuan School�.

San Yuan refers to a particular School of Feng Shui. It is generally accepted that the theories of Xuan Kong are part of the San Yuan School, but in actuality, San Yuan is part of a theory of Xuan Kong.
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