White Silk Tarot Cloths

Our silk Tarot cloths are made of a delicate white oriental silk, known as Habotai or China Silk. This fine silk cloth is well known for it's smooth, even weave, making it an excellent medium for hand painting with ornamental drawings, Tarot spreads, or ritual symbols.  These silk Tarot cloths are also great as scarves, for ritual altar cloths, or for Rune casting.

The Tarot cloths are available in 3 sizes:
TA22     22" x 22" White Silk Tarot Cloth       $5.95
TA35     35" x 35" White Silk Tarot Cloth       $9.95
TA45     45" x 45" White Silk Tarot Cloth     $14.95
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Silk Tarot Cloths
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22inch Silk Tarot Cloth
35inch Silk Tarot Cloth
45inch Silk Tarot Cloth
White Silk Tarot Storage Cloths,
Silk Tarot Spread Cloths
& Silk Tarot Covers
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White Silk Tarot Cloths. These silk cloths are the perfect place to store your Tarot cards between divination readings. These silk Tarot cloths are also great as scarves, for ritual altar cloths, or for Rune casting.
Tarot Cloths For Storage

Tarot cloths are used to store one's Tarot cards. The Tarot cloths are usually made of silk or other natural fibers. Silk is most often used and is said to protect the Tarot cards from outside energies or negative vibrations.  When not in use, the cards are wrapped in the silk Tarot cloths, then they are usually placed in a wooden Tarot box for storage until they are used again. Vibrations from natural wood are ideal, further protecting your Tarot cards from negative influences.
Some people will opt for a silk Tarot bag, instead of the Tarot cloth. In my opinion, this is a personal choice and makes little difference, one way or the other. Whatever is more appealing to you! 

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Tarot Spread Cloths or Tarot Covers

Tarot spread cloths are also known as Tarot covers. The Tarot covers are usually made of silk and are used as a table cover, when you are laying out your Tarot cards. The silk is preferred, as it is supposed to protect the cards from outside negative vibrations. 
Some people will use the same cloth for storing the Tarot cards and for a Tarot spread cloth.  Others, will have one silk cloth or bag for storage, and one cloth for using in Tarot readings. Again, I think this is a personal choice.
The Tarot spread cloth should be minimum of 24" square, to accommodate the cards.  The Tarot Spread cloths should be large enough so you have room for all the different Tarot spreads you will want to use.