What can we say? You want to learn to read tarot cards?
This sheet is a very  handy companion to anyone who wishes to learn the Tarot.  The spread sheet has spaces for 10 cards, laid out in the traditional Celtic Cross pattern.  The spread sheet is annotated with information that will help the reader to rely less on a book.  There is information here that would be helpful to diviners with  all levels of experience.
Shipped folded flat
TS16  18" x 20 1/2"    $2.50.
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Tarot Reading Spread Sheet
This Royal Purple Silk Brocade Tarot Bag Is Perfect For Safekeeping Your Tarot Cards, As An Elegant Evening Bag, Safekeeping Larger Crystals, And More!
Purple Silk Brocade Tarot Bag
Royal Purple Silk Brocade Tarot Bag/ Pouch

The picture doesn't do them justice.  These are beautiful elegant bags! The pouches are royal purple, with an assorted floral motif, and trimmed in either a deep sunset gold silk OR matching purple silk.  The floral details are in silver, with a combination of purples, pastel green and gold, filling in the details. The bags are fully lined and have either a golden OR purple drawstring for ease of use.

We have them here as Tarot bags, but they  would make a wonderful little evening bag, or for storing jewelry or larger crystals, as well.
The tarot bags measure 7 " X 5 1/4".  I can fit my 3" X 4 1/2" deck in with no problem.  Remember to account for the height of your deck, when looking for a pouch to hold them. Please note: These silk bags are now coming with assorted golden or purple trim and drawstring. If you have a preference, please note this in the comments section of your check out form, and if your choice is available, we will put it in your order.

SLKLP   7" X 5 1/4" Purple Silk Brocade Tarot Bag   $16.95  
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Used with permission
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Spread Sheet
Purple Bag
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