Psychic And Divination Tools-Metaphysical and Occult Supplies-More Tarot Bags-Black Velvet Tarot Bag with Purple satin lining and purple tassels. Black 100% cotton velvet Tarot Bag.  These large velvet tarot bags are also quite suitable as a crystal bag, to store your medium size crystal specimens in, or for storing magick or ritual, tools and supplies.
Grandpas General Store-Unique Gifts, Occult Shop & Metaphysical Supplies. The cool place to shop online for Velvet Tarot Bags! Our Black 100% cotton velvet tarot bags come with purple lining and purple tassel closure. They are large tarot bags, large enough for most tarot decks.
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Large Black Velvet Tarot Bag
Black Velvet Bag With Purple Satin Lining & Tassels
100% cotton velvet, satin-lined Tarot Bag

Grandpa's black velvet Tarot bag is 100% cotton velvet, fully lined with purple satin and has 2 purple tassels to close the bag.

The black velvet bag measures about 5" x 8".

These large velvet Tarot bags will accommodate almost all Tarot decks, up to about 3 1/2" wide x about 5" long depending on the thickness of the cards.

These are high quality 100% cotton velvet Tarot bags, fully lined with purple satin and  a purple drawstring cord closure with tassels.  

These bags are also quite suitable as crystal bags, for medium size crystal specimens, or for storing magical or ritual, tools or supplies.

These can be wonderful gifts to add to a Tarot gift box or basket. Just pick a
Tarot deck, a bag, a spread cloth, and maybe even a book or tarot spread sheet, and you have the perfect tarot gift box!

BAGVPS   5" x 8" Black Velvet Tarot Bags With Purple Satin Lining.   $12.95 each
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Last Updated September 6, 2004      
Black Velvet Tarot Bags 

Black Velvet Tarot Bag With Purple Satin Lining & Tassels   

Many people who read the Tarot, prefer to store their Tarot cards in silk, satin, or velvet bags, as they believe it protects the Tarot cards from outside influences, or vibrations.  It is also a most attractive way to store your Tarot bags for toting to readings or Tarot classes, away from home.
Black Velvet Tarot Bag
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Black Velvet Tarot Bags-high quality 100% cotton velvet Tarot bags, fully lined with purple satin and a purple drawstring cord closure with purple tassels. This velvet tarot bag makes a great gift for your favorite Tarot Fan!
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