Ouija Oracle Card Game

This may not be exactly the same as a Ouija® board game, but it is still a fascinating game of insight, that could be used as an oracle, as well. Now you can search for the answers to all of life's questions with this game of fun, fortune, and surprises based on Parker Brothers  popular Ouija® Board.  Your virtues, faults, and future plans are soon to be revealed!
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A Brief Overview Of The Ouija Oracle Card Game

Ouija Oracle play begins with the Seeker closing his/her eyes, while holding a stone in hand. With eyes closed, the Seeker places the Forecaster Stone on the Number Board, randomly stopping on a number. The heading on the chosen Category /Question Card is read aloud.
With eyes closed, each Ouija Oracle player, in turn places a stone on the A-Z Letter Board. Each Ouija player's letter, corresponds to an answer to the Seeker's question, and is recorded.
Each player tries to guess which answer the Seeker will choose as most true for themself.  All Ouija Oracle Game players win points for matching answers. There are even bonus rounds!
Each Seeker may learn many things about themselves, through this insighful game!

Ouija Oracle Game Used As An Oracle

One side of the A-Z Letter Board is covered with the words Yes, No, and Maybe. 
With Eyes closed, the Seeker turns the Ouija Oracle in their hands, as they think of their question.
When they feel ready, they place the card down in front of themself and place a Forcaster Stone on the Board. This will be the answer to their question.
The Oracle may be used alone or with friends and can be quite revealing and insightful. It can also be quite entertaining at parties!
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Ouija® Oracle Card Game
The Ouija Card Game will show you insights into yourself and your friends! Lots of fun!! Learn about your ESP and Intuition!
Ouija Oracle Card Game

Are you loved?
What will you be doing in ten years?
Will you marry?
Will you become rich?

Your virtues, faults, and future plans are soon to be revealed!
Fifty-two cards ask questions about life, love, and fate.  Players score points by tempting fate and matching the Ouija Oracle's answers. Learn about your ESP and intuition! Learn about yourself, and your friends!

Ouija Oracle Card Game Includes:

52 Question/Category Cards
Number Category Board - 2 sided, numbers 1-52
A-Z Answer Board - 2 sided, letters A-Z, and Yes, No, Maybe
Forcaster Stones

As a game, the Ouija Oracle Card Game is designed for 3 or more players, ages 12-adult.
As an Oracle, Ouija Oracle may be used by one person, alone or with friends.

OUJ52  Ouija Oracle Card Game   $14.95 each

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Ouija Oracle Card Game
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