A new version of a very old tool, and we think really cool! The fan is carefully balanced on the head of a very thin rod/pin and you move the fan with the power of your mind. Learn a different sort of skill.  Everyone has strengths in different areas. This can help you with focus, intent, and concentration. You never know, telekinesis might be your special little gift or just an area where you want to build a little more muscle.
Comes with instructions for use.  Kit contains a 1 3/4" across metal pentacle base, 1 5/8" long pin, and an aluminum rotor, about 2" square.  All carefully balanced (IMHOthe most important part)
$8.95 kit
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~Telekinetic Tool~
Build Your Psychic Muscles
Aura Glasses And Booklet
This easy to read book takes aura viewing one step further and
includes a pair of glasses for aura viewing. Twenty short
chapters teach you all about seeing and interpreting the aura.
Most people who try the glasses can immediately see light
around objects, plants and people. Further practice brings
the ability to see colors, guide energies, thought forms,
healing energy and past life energy. Healing practitioners
may find that wearing the aura glasses gives valuable
information about the energy fields of their clients as they
work with them. In time, you will learn to see the chakras
(major energy centers in the body) and their colors.

These aura glasses are very similar to the 3D glasses of the
1950-60's. They have a cardboard frame and colored lenses.
They are not "true" glasses, in the sense that they do not have
glass lenses. The aura lens is carefully chosen indigo colored
I recommend the aura glasses and book, highly, as a tool to
assist people in learning to read auras. It helped me,
tremendously. :) Concise and practical, AURA GLASSES:
YOU CAN SEE AURAS makes for interesting reading and
personal development.
Booklet with one pair Aura glasses    $21.95 set
Learn to enhance your telekinetic skills with this great tool kit.  Instructions included!
Great little booklet with lots of tools to help you see and understand auras, quickly.
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Used with permission
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Telekinetic Tool
Aura Glasses