Based on a tradition over one thousand years old, this contemporary Oracle has established itself as a remarkable aid in practical decision making.
With over 700,000 copies sold,
The Book of Runes has proved itself to be a modern classic.  For this, the tenth anniversary edition, Ralph H. Blum has expanded and refined the runic system, making the Runes the most profoundly usedful self-help tool of our era.  A Literary Guild Selection.

The 25 stones in this set are re-creations of the Viking Runes with perpendicular and oblique lines on each stone. Complete with The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum, 150 pp. Ill. (hc). Includes drawstring pouch for holding rune stones.

NBR25  New Book Of Runes Set- Book And Runes    $29.95
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Rune Divination~Book of Runes Set
Ralph H. Blum
Runes-Can be used for fortune telling, or as an Oracle for spiritual guidance. Some people toss the Runes as a daily ritual, like reading your daily horoscope.