Carved Celtic pentacle box-Great wood boxes for tarot tools and supplies, spellcraft supplies, magical tools, ritual tools, as a jewelry box, for incense cones as an incense box for powders, etc. Great pagan boxes, with the Celtic pentacle atop, makes a great Wiccan gift, too! Even though we call them Tarot boxes, don't let that limit your imagination. They make great spell boxes, spellcraft boxes, pagan boxes, wiccan boxes, and more!
Solid Wood Carved Celtic Pentacle Box

This is a beautiful solid wood box.  The finish of the box is smooth, and the color is somewhere between a deep oak and walnut.  The lid of the box is carved with a Celtic pentacle, using literally hundreds of tiny punches with a wood workers tool.   The quality is excellent,  the box closing with quite a tight fit. The lid closes with recessed (hidden) brass hinges.

The external measurements are  approximately 6"L x 4"W x 2 1/4" high.  The interior dimensions are  5 1/4"L x 3 1/4W, large enough to hold most standard tarot decks, but always check the measurements of your deck, before ordering.

These carved Celtic pentacle boxes are great for tarot decks, but may be used to hold powders, crystals, pouches, amulets, scrying tools, as pendulum boxes,  for incense cones, spell ingredients, etc.

MBP85  6" x 4" Wood Carved Celtic Pentacle Box   $12.95
Psychic And Divination Tools-Metaphysical and Occult Supplies.These Wooden Boxes May Be Used In Many Ways, Such As Tarot Boxes, Pagan Boxes, Wiccan Boxes, Witch Boxes, Jewlry Boxes, Incense Boxes, Spell Boxes, Magic Boxes, Crystal Boxes, and more!
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Tarot Boxes
Antique Style Wood Pentacle Chest
Antique Style Wood 5 Pentacle Chest

This is a very rustic looking solid wood chest. The finish is what is termed "Antique", meaning that it has been brushed with paint and stain, and portions of the "Antiquing" have been removed, leaving the appearance of time worn use.
The color of each box varies between a dark brown/brown to a dark red/brown, as these are all done by hand and they seem to change their paint/stains often. These chests are definitely unique! 

The detail is in rustic metal, with 5 pentacles(one on each side and one on the top), numerous metal studs, a metal latch, and a scalloped metal trim.  The metal latch could be locked if you have a small diary type lock(not included). The interior is rough hewn, with an antiqued painted/stained finish.

The chest here, is entirely different from the Celtic pentacle box, at top, in that this is not a tight fitting box, with sleek style, just the opposite.  If you like things with a unique, hand made quality, rustic or antique appearance, you are sure to LOVE this chest!

The antique pentacle chest measures about 7"L x 5"W x 5"H.
The interior of the chest is about 5 5/8"L x 3 1/2"W x 4"H.  As these chests are made individually, the measurements may vary up to a 1/8" in any direction.

The pentacle chest will accommodate most of the standard size Tarot decks, and some of the larger. Again, check your card measurements, to be sure.  Because of the height, you could also store items such as Grandpa's essential oils. We were able to fit 20 of our 2 dram bottles in one chest! The pentacle chest will also make a fine home to  many other spellcraft tools, tarot supplies, magic supplies, ritual tools, jewelry, incense cones and mini sticks, and more.

MBPC24- 7" x 5" x 5"
Antique Style Wood Pentacle Chest  $29.95

Antique Style Wood 5 Pentacle Chest-The color of each box varies between a dark brown/brown to a dark red/brown-No matter what the shade, these are wonderful rustic storage boxes for your tarot cards, or just about anything else you can think of!
Wood Carved Celtic Pentacle Box
A note on the pentacle or pentagram:  The pentagram  is a symbol of the universe, a combination of the 4 elements(air, earth, fire, water) and the spirit, hence the 5 sided star. If you would like to read more about the history and meaning of the pentacle, click here.   A new window will open that you may close again, when you are done reading.
Graphic Design© Webster's Fantasy 2001
Pentacle©RobinWood 1997
Used with permission
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Celtic Pentacle Box
Antique Pentacle Chest
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