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These coins are replicas of antique Chinese coins.  The are used in feng shui, to enhance and represent Wealth & Prosperity, to bring Good Luck, and to neutralize bad directions, influences, and negative chi. Many people will use 2 red cords (red represents happiness and energy) and string together 3, 5, or 7 coins and hang vertically or horizontally in corners, main entrances, or any area you wish to uplift and enhance. They may also wear a coin threaded with a red cord, as an amulet around the neck, to increase luck and prosperity.

In I-Ching divination, the coins are simply tossed and depending what side comes up, the outcome dictates a line in an I-ching hexagram(6 lines).  Each line has meaning and when all six are laid out, you simply look up the hexagram in "the book of changes" (not included). The total of the hexagram tells the answer to the question at the moment.

At about 7/8 inch in diameter, these brass I-ChingCoins are perfect for I Ching divination, for prosperity necklaces, for placing in red envelopes for feng shui cures, etc..  

ICC3  Set of 3 I-Ching Coins  $4.95
ICC6 Set of 6 I-Ching Coins  $7.95
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Chinese I Ching Coins
Feng Shui Supplies
Tails-Yang-Chinese coins are tossed in I-Ching divination as a form of fortune telling oracle. One tosses the coins, then looks up the hexagram in the book of changes, for the answer.
Feng Shui Cures-These coins are replicas of antique Chinese coins.  The are used in feng shui, to enhance and represent Wealth & Prosperity, to bring Good Luck, and to neutralize bad directions, influences, and negative chi.
Heads-Yin-Some people tie the coins with red cord, then wear them as an amulet to improve luck, prosperity, and wealth.
Chinese coins with the square hole in the center have been used in feng shui, to represent prosperity and wealth, for a very long time. The chinese coin is a symbol of prosperity, and for feng shui, the coins placed in red envelopes in the money or wealth sector are said to improve prosperity.
Another way they can be used is, again, in a red envelope, with one chinese coin in each of 4 envelopes. Then, place the red envelopes in the four corners of your desk or room, where they will not be noticed by others.   
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