About Our Rock Crystal Ball & Leaded Crystal Balls

Traditionaly, the best  crystal balls were made of clear rock quartz crystal.  Today even badly flawed 3 inch quartz balls are VERY expensive(can be several Thousand dollars).

Leaded Crystal balls have been the gazing ball of choice and affordability, for many years. Both quartz crystal balls and leaded crystal glass have ancient links  to the moon and make good scrying and divination tools.  

It is our understanding that when it comes to better quality materials, the higher the lead content, the better the scrying result, either through improved clarity or better psychic vibrations. You can find large plain glass gazing balls fairly inexpensively, but if you are just starting to learn crystal gazing or scrying, why not try one of our smaller 24% leaded crystal balls and save up for the bigger. 

Even though these man made crystal balls have have perfect "water" clarity, they are still  hand made. Each ball is unique and may have minor flaws (- 5%).  The possible minor flaws will not adversely effect your crystal scrying or divination  performance.

The major problems associated with imperfections in  gazing crystals and crystal balls is the distraction caused by the flaw.  So when you see a crystal ball for sale (especially for the beginner), try to find the least flawed ball and certainly, it should have very few or no  bubbles or swirls.  Also, if you are purchasing your first gazing or crystal ball, remember this, bigger will not do better than quality.  You will learn crystal scrying just as well with a small crystal ball, as with a larger.
The leaded crystal balls for sale here, are returned to the
maker, if they have serious imperfections, so have no fear that you will get a "lemon" here.

Rock Quartz & Rose Quartz Crystal Spheres
~ Sphere Only ~

1" diameter Rock Quartz Crystal Sphere       $16.95
2" diameter Rose Quartz Sphere           $24.00 
These Rock Quartz Crystal Balls are not crystal clear and they will have many imperfections. This Rock Quartz Crystal is still a preferred crystal gazing ball, for many.   

24% Leaded Crystal Balls - Ball Only

60mm  -  2.36 inch diameter 24% leaded crystal ball- $46.00
80mm -   3.15 inch diameter 24% leaded crystal ball- $108.00
100mm - 3.94 inch diameter 24% leaded crystal ball- $149.00
125mm - 4.92 inch diameter 24% leaded crystal ball- $218.00

Each crystal ball comes with instructions for cleansing and care, and basic scrying instructions, to start you on your way to crystal divination.

Wooden Crystal Ball Stand
Wooden Crystal Ball Stand-These crystal ball stands are made of wood, and are about 6 inches long.  They can hold a 40mm crystal ball and up. Very attractive & inexpensive crystal ball stands.
Wood Crystal Ball Stands  $4.75 Each
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Rock Quartz Crystal Gazing Ball &
Leaded Crystal Balls For Scrying & Divination
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1inch Rock Quartz Spheres
2inch Rose Quartz Spheres
24% 60mm Crystal Balls
24% 80mm Crystal Balls
24% 100mm Crystal Balls
24% 125mm Crystal Balls
Wood Crystal Ball Stand
Picture it, a gypsy fortune teller. You are sure to picture her
with a magnificent crystal ball.  Pay your money, the gypsy
fortune teller peers into the crystal ball (called scrying) , and
you soon learn about the tall dark handsome stranger who is to
come into your life shortly, and change it forever!
The crystal ball with all its mystique and secrets is probably the
best known method of divination for predicting the future.  It is
the crystal ball that provided the means by which the gypsies
were able to tune into future events.  Crystal scrying is done in
near to almost total darkness. Most people can learn scrying
with enough practice. The key will be your ability to quiet the
mind, a good scrying crystal ball, and taking the time to learn.
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Our Leaded Crystal Balls are water clear, making it much easier to scry without distractions.
Wooden Crystal Ball Stand- These crystal ball stands are made of wood, and are about 6 inches long.  They can hold a 40mm crystal ball and up.
Buy your own Crystal Gazing Ball.  You can learn crystal gazing, just like a gypsy fortune teller.  All it takes is a little practice, and concentration.  Check out our many types of crystal balls to buy.
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