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Mortar & Pestle Sets
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The mortar and pestle are grinding tools. Mortar & pestle are used to grind grains into flour, herbs for food, medicine or magic, and more.  The mortar is usually bowl shaped and the pestle is somewhat tubular. (Wo)Man has been using a mortar and pestle for thousands of years.  One of the earliest pestles was found in an archaeological dig that dates back over 9,000 years ago! Story has it that prior to this time, man actually used a hole in the ground as the mortar and a rod or stick as the pestle. 

Here, we show you mortars and pestles that are wonderful tools for making your own incense, powders, ground herbs, and ointments.  Mortar & pestle may still, of course, be used for grinding in the kitchen, powdering pills for the difficult patient, etc.
Grandpa's Mortar & Pestles
Brass Mortar & Pestle Sets

Large Brass Mortar & Pestle Set

Our Brasss mortar & pestle set is 2 solid brass pieces.  The mortar is about 3 1/2" tall by 3 1/2" wide, at the top, and 2 1/4" wide at the base. The bowl has 3 sets of 2 horizontal rings going around the exterior of the bowl and one set of rings going around the base.
The pestle is aproximately 5" long and is about 7/8" across at the widest point.  Half way down, the pestle widens and then narrows, again, creating a "knob", making it easier to grasp and use. The pestle also has 3 sets of horizontal rings, in detail.
A beautiful and useful brass mortar and pestle set. It is not thin brass, either.  The complete mortar and pestle set weighs aproximately 10 oz.  This brass mortar & pestle set is sturdy enough for years of use!

LBMP Large Brass Mortar and Pestle Set    $9.95 set

Small Brass Mortar and Pestle Set
This mortar and pestle set is just a smaller version of the mortar and pestle set, above. The bowl has the same detail of rings, and is about 2 1/2" high by 2 1/2" wide on the top, and about 2" across, on the base.
The pestle is a little over 3 1/2" long with only one set of rings going around the middle.  There is also the same "knob", midway down the shaft, allowing the user to grasp the pestle more easily.
SBMP Small Brass Mortar and Pestle Set    $5.95 set
Please Note:
Grandpa's  brass Mortar & Pestle sets are made in India. Due to the fact that these mortar & pestle sets are finished by hand, there may or maynot be slight irregularities in the finish, but these should not affect their use or visual appeal.
Soapstone Mortar and Pestle Set. These mortar and pestle sets are great tools for the crafty pagan, witch, incense maker, a must have for spellcrafting tools, and more. Mortar & pestles are great for grinding herbs, and making ointments.
Soapstone Mortar and Pestle Set
These  mortar and pestle sets are made of solid soapstone.  As this is a choice of nature, these mortar and pestle sets come in many different shades of soapstone, from the tan/brown, above,  to redish, to brown, to almost black. A blend of brown and tan seems to be the most common.
The mortar  is about 2 1/2" high by about 4" across at the top.
The pestles are about 4" long, with the widest part about
1 1/2"across.  The top of the pestle has a nice fluted edge, is just right for a good grip.
As these are made individually, they will vary ever so slightly from piece to piece. One piece might have a larger bowl, another might have a larger base, etc.  Every one the same, but unique in it's own way.  We love them!

MPSS4 Soapstone Mortar and Pestle Set   $15.95
An assortment of antique mortar and pestle-Grandpa's has a selection of new mortar & pestles that are sure to please the crafty pagan, witch, magician, or incense maker.
An assortment of Antique Mortar and Pestle-
J. William Reinhard Mortar and Pestle Collection
Large Brass Mortar & Pestle-click for larger image-These mortar & pestles are just right for witchcraft & spellcraft.
Small Brass Mortar & Pestle-Click for larger image-These brass mortar & pestles are just right for spellcrafting.
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Large Brass Mortar & Pestle Set
Small Brass Mortar & Pestle Set
Soapstone Mortar & Pestle Set