A Ritual Of Prosperity

Who has enough money? Manifesting abundance takes time and thought. Need a little help? Ask for your prosperity, as you ask, so shall you be answered. Includes green and sea green mini candles, Green glass candleholder, 20 mini sticks of Prosperity incense, ashcatcher, Patchouly essence oil, Aventurine gemstone and instructional scroll, to help you manifest more abundance and prosperity into your life.

Ritual Of Prosperity Magic Spell Kits $14.95 Each

Ritual Of Love Spell Kits

Want to become a more loving person? Want to manifest a new love relationship in your life? Renew the love and power within you. Includes pink & red mini candles, Ruby Heart glass candleholder, 20 mini sticks of Love incense, ashcatcher, Jasmine essence oil, Rose Quartz gemstone and instructional scroll, to aid you in attracting more love into your life and becoming more, that which would be loved.

Ritual Of Love Magic Spell Kits $14.95 Each

Extra Mini Candles & Incense For Your Ritual Kits?

Why not add a couple of  extra mini candles and an extra pack of incense, so you can use your ritual kit again, and again.

Ritual of Prosperity Candles & Incense Refill
Includes: 4 Green mini candles, and one pack of 20 Money Draw mini incense sticks.
$2.99 Each

Ritual of Love Candles & Incense Refill
Includes: 2 red & 2 pink mini candles, and one pack of 20 Love mini incense sticks.
$2.99 Each
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You don't NEED "ritual magic spell kits" to do magic spells, but ritual kits can be fun and helpful, especially for somebody who is just beginning to explore the world of magick and spellcraft.
Each of these magic ritual kits are filled with great tools, that are like theatrical "props", helping to get you in the right mood or state of mind.  Magic is in the mind and these magic tools can help to add power to your rituals, and  help to make your magical endeavors that much more successful.
Our little dragon is telling you he is in his favorite spot: Spellcraft and Ritual Supplies-This page is ritual kits, and magic spell kits, from Eye Of The Day. These are great for the pagan on the go, or for someone who is just learning about magick and spellcraft. Love Spells & Prosperity Spells
Eye Of The Day Ritual Spell Kits

Each ritual spell kit includes everything you need to create your own personal magick ritual. The ritual kits can be used  to manifest your desires, or to seek guidance from beyond. Our Eye Of The Day ritual kits can be used to change the way you feel or as a very cool gift for that special friend.

Each ritual spell kit comes in a little 4" x 4" wooden crate and is shrink-wrapped and tied with raffia.
Grandpa's Magic Spell Kits
Love & Prosperity Ritual Kits
Left: Prosperity, Ritual Magic Spell Kit, comes with incense, incense burner,  candles, candle holder,  gemstone, oil, and ritual instruction sheet. Contents of the ritual kits will vary slightly from kit to kit, depending on the ritual's magick purpose.
Looking for a personal  blank Book of Shadows? 
Want to know about the magical & metaphysical use
of colors?
Need some magical inks? How about Dove's Blood or Dragon's Blood?
Need some special color of candles to go with that spell?
To add items to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of kits you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
Ritual Of Prosperity Spell Kit
Ritual Of Love Spell Kit
Ritual of Prosperity Refill
Ritual of Love Refill
Love Ritual Magic Spell Kit-Ritual Of Love Spell Kit. Renew the love and power within you!
Prosperity Ritual Spell Kit-Ritual Of Prosperity-Bring more abundance and prosperity into your life.
Ritual of Prosperity-Magic Ritual Kits all come with colored candles, candle holders, incense, incense burners, power gemstone, magic oil, and instructions for the magic spell ritual.
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