Gemstone & Crystal Bottles Currently Available:
Aventurine~Emotional Healing
Blackstone(Obsidian)~Letting Go
Blue Topaz~Communication
Crystal Quartz~Enlightenment
Garnet~Inspires Self Love
Gemstones(mixed)~All of these and More..+ Peridot
Red Jasper~Energy
Rose Quartz~Healing, Love
Tigers Eye~Money Drawing
What to do, what to do??

You can break the crystals or stones up into a powder and blend the powder in with your incense, to empower the incense with the stones quality. 

You can charge the whole bottle of stones with intent, and carry it, to help you to manifest certain qualities, like health, prosperity, or love.

You can add gemstones to oils that you wear, to help infuse the oils with the stones metaphysical & magical powers.

You can add stones to your dream pillows, sachets, fountains.

You can add stones to your herbal bath bags to add the quality of the stones to your Magickal Baths.

You are only limited by your imagination and our gemstone selection!

All bottles of gemstones are about 1 3/4 inches high
Crystal & Gemstone Bottles $1.79 each
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Gemstone Bottles $1.79 Each
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Blue Topaz
Crystal Quartz
Red Jasper
Rose Quartz
Tigers Eye
Crystals & Gemstones For Spellcrafting
Rocks & Stones For Magic & Spellcraft

Crystal & Gemstone Bottles
Gemstones & Crystals for spellcrafting? Yes, you can do lots of
things with these.  Every stone has it's own unique magical &  metaphysical qualities and correspondences.
These stones come in little corked bottles, filled with chips of the particular stones, or a mixture of all the stones. Each bottle is labeled and comes with information about the properties associated with the gemstones.
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Gemstones Have Many Uses In Spellcrafting
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