Mole Hollow Fragrant Votive Candles-Scented Candle Fragrance-Unique Gifts From Around The World - Mole Hollow Votive Candles, A quality gift candle that is scented all the way through. The last time you light the candle will smell as fragrant as the first time.
Grandpa's General Store - Unique Gifts, Occult Shop, & Metaphysical Supplies- The place to shop online for fragrant votive candles or scented votives. Mole Hollow Votive Candles. Fragrant Scented Votives From Mole Hollow.
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                 Mole Hollow Scented Votives

Fragrant Votive candles continue to be popular worldwide.
These hand-poured scented Votives feature 38 gorgeous
colors and elegant scents, and each one burns for 15 hours.
Each Mole Hollow candle is scented all the way through
the candle, so the fragrance will be the same the first and
last time you light them. 

The fragrance is on the subtle side, not overpowering,
like many votives. I can walk by a votive that has been
sitting in my living room for over a year, and just catch
a whiff of the enchanting fragrance, even though the
candle has yet to be burned. :)

If you like your candles to have very powerful aromas,
then these are not the votive candles for you.
However, if you enjoy subtle and true fragrances that
will last, then Mole Hollow is sure to please!

Mole Hollow scented  votives come 18 to a whimsical little
box featuring Mr. Mole and his nephew and niece.  You
may certainly purchase "just one" if you are not a candle
fanatic. Remember, for safety sake, always burn a Votive
candles in a votive holder. And for the sake of aesthetics,
always burn a Mole Hollow Votive. 

Our Mole Hollow Votive candles measure about 1 7/8"
across the top, about 2" tall, and about 1 1/2" across the

Mole Hollow Votives are sold by the piece. There is no
minimum quantity. You may purchase just one. Mole
Hollow votives cost just $1.50 each and come wrapped
in tissue paper or zip lock bag.
         Mole Hollow Votive Candles
     Fragrant Votives in Many Scents

Craftspeople at Mole Hollow Candles« have been making
fine votive candles by hand for over 30 years. At every step
of manufacturing, packing and shipping, any employee is
free to reject any votive candle that he or she feels doesn't
meet their standards. The end result is that you will receive
only the finest votive candles from Mole Hollow. From
Taper to Pillar to Votive, their bottom line is quality. Mole
Hollow would not have it any other way.
Last Updated June 12, 2003
Scented Votive Candles-Fragrant Votives From Mole Hollow Candles -These votives are scented all the way through the candle, so the fragrance lasts and lasts. Mole Hollow scented votives burn for approximately 15 hours in a votive cup.
Candle Fragrances Currently
Southern Magnolia
Caramel Torte
Mandarin Spice
Cinnamon Stick
Country Heather
Tea Rose
Wild Strawberry
Evening Jasmine
Sweet Nothings
Northern Pine
Showy White-Southern Magnolia
Pale Yellow-Chamomile

Radiant Yellow-Sunflower
Creamy Peach-Peaches n Cream

Caramel-Caramel Torte
Terra Cotta-Mandarine Spice
Pumpkin-Cinnamon Stick
Mauve-Country Heather

Colonial Pink-Tea Rose
Luscious Red-Wild Strawberry
Sweetheart Red-Hollyberry
Crisp Red-Apple

Burgundy Red-Cape Cod Cranberry

Plum Purple-Evening Jasmine
Cobalt Blue-Blueberry
Colonial  Blue-Gardenia
Dusty Blue-Sweet Nothings

Sea Green-Eucalyptus
Misty Green-Mist
Colonial Green-Bayberry
Emerald Green-Northern Pine
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