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Mini Candle Holders
Pewter Angel Holder &
Lacquered Mini Candle Holder

Mini candles are about the same size as what is called a "half
taper". They are half the diameter of standard taper (dinner)
candles, and are only 4 inches tall.
These are really cool little mini candle holders. We have pewter angels, stars, fairies, blue porcelain celestial holders, reversible glass mini holders, and lacquered mini candle holders from India....     

Pewter Angel Mini Candle Holders

These are very lovely little angels with their hands held in prayer. Just perfect for lighting a candle and communicating with your higher power, angel, or spirit helpers!

Our pewter angels measure about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square, and are about 3/8" thick. The details of their wings and halo are cut out, and the backs are hollow.

CH-PEWAN2   Pewter Angel Mini Candle Holders
$5.95 each

Candles not included-Get your
mini candles Here!

Six Sided Lacquer Mini Candle Holder

These cool mini candle holders are ceramic, painted and lacquered, with iridescent beads and little mirrors inlaid into the surface. The whole mini candle holder has 2 brass rings and one brass border, around the edge. 

Along with holding mini candles, there are spaces to hold 6 incense sticks, or you could even put cone incense in the center, instead of the candle!

The candle holders come assorted in the following colors:Dark Rose Pink, almost Teal Blue, Green, Black, and Purple.  No color choice is available, but if you mention your color in the comments section of the order form, we will pick that color, if it is available.

The lacquered mini candle holders measure about 2 1/2" across and just about 1/2" high. As they are made by hand in India, they may vary slightly from piece to piece.

LACLG Large Lacquer Mini Candle Holder-Incense Burner $3.99
Candles not included-Get your
mini candles Here! 

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Pewter Angel Mini Candleholder. Click, for larger image!
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Angel Mini Holder
Lacquer Mini Holder
Large Lacquer Mini Candle Holder. Along with holding mini candles, there are spaces to hold 6 incense sticks, or you could even put cone incense in the center, instead of the candle!
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