Leaves Votive Candleholder-Unique Gifts-Glass Votive Candle Holders With Leaves and Berries Pattern-Glass Floral tealight holder. Garden Votive Cups-Leaves Pattern Glass Votive Candle Holders- Elegant candle holder for votives or tealights. Clear Glass tea light candle holder Mood Lighting
Clear Glass candleholders-Grandpa's General Store-Unique & Unusual Gifts From Around The World-The place to shop online for Mood Lighting Glass Votive Candleholders-Unique tealight candle holders in Leaves & berries pattern. Mood lighting for intimate dinner tables, relaxing bath candle holders, intimate bedroom candles.
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Leaves Votive Holder
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Graphic Designę Webster's Fantasy 2001
Used with permission

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Clear Glass Leaves Votive Holder
Leaves & Berries Votive Cups ~  Holiday Tealight Holders
We LOVE these leaf pattern glass votive candle holders!

These are clear glass votive holders, with a lovely leaves
and berry pattern circling the votive cup. Great mood
lighting! They could be used for 15 hour votive candle cups
or as tealight holders.

Use them for an intimate atmosphere at dinner, on a shelf in
the bathroom for a relaxing bath, or to create cozy, intimate,
mood lighting in the bedroom!

The interior of the votive candle holders are smooth, and the
leaves & berries are embossed, in relief, on the exterior of
the candle cup. This makes them easy to clean and lovely to
look at!
The light reflects off the leaves pattern of the glass and
reflects the dancing light into the surrounding area. A very
nice romantic effect!

These votive holders are made from a leaves pattern mold,
so there may be a tiny mold line, on one or both sides of the
votive cup.
I have been using one of these votive holders for over 6 years
now, and I never even noticed the candle mold line, until
creating this page! Still, I think it is nice to be aware of
these little things, in advance, don't you?

The leaves candle holder is made to withstand a lot of use.
I have used mine for years, have dropped them on the
floor and have cleaned old wax out with screwdrivers, and
they have never cracked or scratched. I do not guarantee
your experience will be the same, but I am confident that
with a little care, you will get years of good use from these
votive candle holders.

According to the manufacturers, our leaves pattern votive
holder exterior measures exactly 2 11/16" high (almost
2 3/4"), 2 1/2" across at the top, and 2" across at the base.
The sides and base are fairly thick, so the interior will be
slightly smaller. They are heavy glass, weighing nearly
9 ounces, each!

Whether you want to create a spring garden atmosphere, or
a secret garden mood lighting, our leaves votive holders, can
be just the holder to create the right mood, for you!

CHVLV  Leaves-Clear Glass Votive Candle Holder
$2.99 each
Leaves & Berries Glass Votive Holder-Click for a larger image! These glass votive candle holders are heavy enough to handle constant use, but elegant enough to dress up a special dinner table, bath, or bedroom!
Please, pardon the yellowy picture. There is NO yellow in these glass votive
holders. They are Clear glass votives.
Click here, for a larger image!
Do you want to use your new
votive holder for an intimate

Grandpa's tip: Skip the scented
votives and go with something
unscented to avoid the
fragrance interfering with the
wonderful aromas of your meal.

Tealights are great! You can
toss the tin out after dinner, put
in a fragrant votive, and move
right into the living room with it
with your favorite romantic

Need to unwind in the bath?

Try a lavendar, chamomile,
pine, or sandalwood votive for
a relaxing bath experience, &
don't forget the bubbles!

Want to enhance the bedroom

Try jasmine, patchouly, rose,
ylang ylang, lavender,
sandalwood, dragon's blood,
vetiver, vanilla, or musk, to
create an atmosphere of love!