Unscented Lucky Shamrock Candles
Irish Good Luck Pillar Candle

Irish lucky shamrock design:
Our lucky shamrock candle is white, liberally sprinkled with green shamrock designs. The Good Luck Pillar Candle is wrapped in clear cello, tied with a bow. Also included is a card with old Irish folklore including the blessing:

For each petal on the shamrock.
This brings a wish your way
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.

The good luck pillar candle is unscented. It measures 4" tall x 3" across. Burn time is approximately 70 hours.

Our lucky shamrock candle makes a fine gift for anyone getting married, looking for work, moving to a new city, etc... The good luck shamrock pillar can also make a great special purpose candle for gambling, protection, attracting love, or money.

CANP3LUCK Good Luck Shamrock Pillar Candle
$6.95 Each
Never leave candles burning unattended.
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Lucky Shamrock Pillar Candles-Grandpa's General Store- The place to find unique and unusual pillar candles for sale online! Pillar, also spelled pilar, piller, piler. Good Luck Charms, Lucky Charm Shamrock Unscented Candles.
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Lucky Shamrock Pillar Candle
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Graphic Designę Dave Buckland 2001-2003
Used with permission

Some Lucky Shamrock Sources

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***Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs-Scott Cunningham

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Lucky Shamrock-A little history & folklore...
"The Gaelic word seamrog means 'little clover'.  According to Irish legend, the druids in Ireland looked at the shamrock as a sacred plant because its leaves formed a triad. Three was a mystical number in the Celtic religion."

The three heart shaped leaves were supposed to be a natural reference to the Triple Mothers of Celtic lore, sometimes referred to as the Three Morgans, the mother hearts of the Celtic tribes.  "This pagan tradition was continued by early Christian leaders and became the symbol of the Holy Trinity for the Irish people."

The shamrock was also used as an aperitif. The placing of some sprigs of it in a toast glass was probably the beginning of 'the drowning the shamrock', on St. Patrick's Feast Day.

Shamrocks as good luck charms...
Although almost all clovers are considered lucky, Irish legend has it
that the four-leafed clover is the ultimate defense against black magic. Legend also says that a young woman who places one in her left shoe will marry the first man she meets afterwards...

Giving or receiving of a shamrock is considered "lucky", all in itself, probably due to its mystical and spiritual associations. In folk magic, shamrocks have been used to protect one from evil, to help with financial trouble, to assist with broken hearts, to find new loves
, to attract money, and more. Growing clover on your property is also said to keep snakes away.***

Lucky Charm Shamrock Candles - Just for Good Luck!
Below, is our lucky shamrock pillar candle. You can burn your shamrock candle, just for pleasure, use it as a lucky charm, or for any of the magical purposes mentioned above.
Last Updated September 1, 2004   
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Unscented Good Luck Shamrock Pillar Candle-Our lucky shamrock candle is white, liberally sprinkled with green shamrock designs. The Good Luck Pillar Candle is wrapped in clear cello, tied with a bow. Also included is a card with old Irish proverbs and blessings.