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5 Light Brass Taper Candle Holder

You have seen these in some of those spooky ghost movies, where all the lights go out, and everyone is wandering the halls of the mansion with candelabra. I think they are really cool looking.  You know, two candlabra on the piano and you are Liberache;0)
Some people call them stick candles, but in professional circles, the term is "taper". This candelabra will hold 5 standard taper candles.
This is a very elegant piece, for special occasions or just because...Makes a wonderful gift for a wedding or anniversary,
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5 Candle Brass Taper Candelabra

The candle holder is made of highly polished brass. It is about 9 inches tall, and over 8 inches wide. 

This candelabra is a heavy piece, so you could conceivably kill Professor Plum, with the Candle Stick, in the Library, although I don't recommend it;0)

Be sure to use dripless candles, unless you enjoy wax all over you candle holder.

CH5LB  9 Inch-5 Light Brass Candle Holder   $28.95

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5 light brass taper candle holder, just the thing for wedding or anniversary gifts.