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Ahu Kai Tiki Candle
Kona Kai Tiki Candle
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Hawaiian Tiki Candles
Luau Tiki God Pillar Candle $21.95
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Tiki God
The concept of Tiki, in Polynesian myths, is not easy to understand. Tiki is god, man, and the image of the god. "Tiki is at once the first man, and the creator or progenitor of man."

In many of the Polynesian creation myths the first beings, human or divine, are a male trinity (Tane, Tiki and Tangaroa) who emerge from the Mother Earth at the separation of earth and sky. The actual names may vary from one area of Polynesia to another.

One myth says that Tiki made man by mixing his own blood with clay and breathing into it.

Tiki Statues
Today, "Tiki" usually means "image" or "statue". The Tiki statue is most often a wood or stone carved rendering of a Polynesian god. There is a resurgence of interest in tiki and many tiki are no longer actual Polynesian gods, but stylized carvings with no ancient history.
Tiki gods are often used for decoration for the Polynesian themed "luau party" or that laid back "South Seas" decor.

Unscented Tiki Candles

Our candles are small Tiki god statues, just perfect for your luau party or turning your space into a tropical island paradise! Some people will light a pillar candle, just to make the room serene and calm. Candle light is so soft and comforting, when compared to electric light, and tiki statues give the space a romantic tropical island look.
Last Updated September 1, 2004   
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Tiki God Statues-Ahu Kai Tiki Candle.  Ahu Kai is pictured, above, on the left. This Tiki Candle is jade in color. Kona Kai Tiki Candle -Kona Kai is pictured on the right. This Tiki candle is bamboo, or yellow-orange, in color. Luau party candles.
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Tiki Statue Candles
Unscented Tiki Candle

Our Tiki candles come in 2 styles. Each measures approximately 9" high x 2 1/4" across and are unscented. These Tiki god statues are stylized carvings, not actual Polynesian Gods. Both styles of Tiki candles have a granite-like  appearance of carved stone. Each comes wrapped in cello, with a name card. Made in Germany.

Ahu Kai Tiki Candle Statue
Ahu Kai is pictured, above, on the left. This Tiki Candle is "jade" in color. The green can vary from very pale, almost yellow, to dark jade green. In Hawaiian, ahu has many meanings, including shrine. Kai, is a word for ocean/seaside/current. So, Ahu Kai is "shrine by the sea".  This Tiki God can help make your own tropical island paradise, even if you live far from the nearest sea. Ahu Kai may bring a sense of peace and harmony, to any room where he lives.

Kona Kai Tiki Candle Statue
Kona Kai is pictured on the right. This Tiki candle is "bamboo", or yellow/orange, in color. The color can vary from very light, almost yellow, to a dark "dried bamboo" color.  The Hawaiian phrase Kona Kai means peaceful harbor. This tiki god may bring peace and harmony, an oasis or peaceful harbor, to any room where he lives.

Both Tiki Candles are large enough to accommodate a standard tealight. Once you burn the Tiki candle enough, it should not be too difficult to insert one and replace them as needed. This would allow you to maintain the Tiki's appearance and enjoy them for much longer. No matter how you choose to burn these Tiki candles, they are sure to bring enjoyment wherever they live!

CANPTIKIAK Ahu Kai Tiki Candle $21.95 each
CANPTIKIKK Kona Kai Tiki Candle $21.95 each
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Animated Tiki Head-To listen to Tiki Drums, click the arrow, to your right. May not function on all browsers. Our Tiki Candles are perfect for your luau party or Polynesian decor!