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Grandpa's Pillar Candles 
This is a new section of Grandpa's, "Pillar Candles". It has been a long time coming and we hope to be able to offer you a variety of pillars, from plain white, to unique and unusual. This will take time.
For now, you can see the pillar candles available, below. Just click on a picture to take you to a page with details and pricing for that pillar candle.

Candles are great for divination time, too. Light a candle just before you begin shuffling your cards, and see if you don't get better answers...

Some people will light a pillar candle, just to make the room serene and calm. Candle light is so soft and comforting, compared to the light from electric bulbs. Candles can be soothing and romantic, too.

Last Updated August 25, 2004   
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