Mosaic & Gems Tea Light Candle Holders
Fimo Candle Holders, With A Stained Glass Look

These are really cool little tea light holders. They come in assorted colors with either the triangular mosaic trim at the top, as in the photo, or with a square mosaic trim, as in the little photo, inset in red.     
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Mosaic tealight candleholders made with fimo clay, glass and accent marbles. Mosaic candleholders in a variety of colors, using fimo clay and accent marbles. Unique glass candleholders in mosaic patterns.
Fimo Clay Mosaic Candle Holders for tea lights. Great Hippy Gifts, great accent candleholders. The perfect gift for the candle lover in your family!
Fimo Mosaic Tea Light Candle Holders

These are really unique and unusual little tea light holders! Each candle holder is made of glass, fimo clay, and colorful accent marbles. As the tea light candle burns, it sends an array of colors through the glass and into your space!

The interior of the tea light holder is about 1 1/2" across, and about 7/8" deep. The exterior of the tea light holders are about 2 1/2" across, and about 1 1/8" tall.

Each of these tea light candle holders is unique and hand crafted, so patterns and colors may vary. Even if you got two blue tea light holders, the 2 may not be "identical" in color and pattern, but should be similar.

Colors generally available are:
•Blue-Green combinations
•Purple-Blue combinations
•Red-Yellow-Orange combinations
•Some even come in like rainbows!

If you have a preference for colors  of the tea light holders, you can add that to the comments section of the order form, and we will do our best to add them to your order, if they are available.

TLCHMZ Mosaic Tea Light Candle Holders  $7.95 each
Candles not included
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Mosaic Tea Light Holder
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