Unusual and Unique Gift Ideas-Mini Candle Holders, made from solid pewter. Mini Angel candle holders, Pewter Fairy Mini Candle Holders, Pewter Pentacles, Pewtar Pentacle Candle Holders.
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Pewter Star Candle Holder, Peter Fairy Mini Candleholder
& Crystal Like Glass Reversible Candle Holder

Mini candles are about the same size as what is called a "half
taper". They are half the diameter of standard taper (dinner)
candles, and are only 4 inches tall.
These are really cool little mini candle holders. We have angels,
fairies, pentacle stars, and more coming soon, in pewter.      

Pewter Pentacle Star Mini Candle Holders

These are are unique little five pointed stars, made out of solid pewter.  Just perfect for ritual work, or even candle holders on a birthday cake!
Our pewter pentacles measure about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2", and are about 1/2" thick. The details of the points are indented, and the backs are slightly hollowed out. The pentacle holder could also easily double as a cone incense burners, as well!
The pewter stars appear to be hand cast, or at least hand finished, so may have some slight variance from piece to piece, or batch to batch.

CH-PEWSTAR   Pewter Star Mini Candle Holders $5.95 each
Candles not included-Get your
mini candles Here!

Pewter Fairy Mini Candle Holders

These are very lovely little fairies, surrounded by a garden of flowers, all cast in solid pewter. Great for imaging your connection to the fae folk, air element, or spirit helpers!

Our pewter fairy measures about 2" x  2 1/8", and are about 3/8" thick. The details of their wings and the flowers are cut out, and the backs are hollow.  These would also make excellent cone incense holders, as well!
The pewter fairy mini candle holders appear to be hand cast, or at least hand finished, so may have some slight variance from piece to piece, or batch to batch.

CH-PEWFAR   Pewter Fairy Mini Candle Holders $5.95 each
Candles not included-Get your
mini candles Here!

Octagonal Reversible Glass Mini Candle Holders 
Eight Sided / Octagon Clear Glass Mini Candle Holder    

These cool octagonal mini candle holders are clear glass, with each angle slightly beveled and are reversible! On one side, is a full size taper candle holder. If you reverse the candle holder, it will hold a mini candle or 1/2 taper.  The glass is smooth and flat on one side, but ever so slightly textured and almost iridescent on the other., much like what you would expect from Kosta Boda™ crystal snowballs,  without all the expense.

The reversible glass mini candle holders measure about 2 1/4" across and just about 1" high.

CANHREV Clear Glass Octagon Mini Candle Holder $2.79
Candles not included-Get your
mini candles Here! 

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Pewter Fairy Mini Candleholder. Click, for larger image!
Pewter Star Mini Candleholder. Click, for larger image!
Reversible Glass Mini Candle and Standard Taper Candle Holder. Click, for larger image.
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