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Glass Incense Burners 

These are Gorgeous Glass Incense Burners! They are about 10 inches long.  They come in 2 styles.  One glass incense burner is a dark blue-purple and has a silver moon at the top, the other a pewter pentagram (pentacle in a circle).  The glass moon burners come in one color, that is a very dark see through blue/purple, and the pentacle incence burners come in 4 different shades of glass, some with an opal look to it and some clear, like the moon incense burner.
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Tibetan Dragon Incense Burner

These Tibetan dragon incense burners are in that famous sturdy white metal.  Lots of detail.  These have been very popular metal ashcatchers, from the moment we introduced them.  The dragon's head is at the bottom.  If you look carefully, you can see him, with his mouth open, looking off to the left. The Tibetan dragon incense burener is about  10 inches long, with a little stone just below the incense hole. An Excellent Value!      $4.95  each
Blue Moon Incense Burner
Blue Pentagram Incense Burner
Blue Opal Pentagram Incense Burner
Sorry, the aquamarine and clear pentagram styles are no longer available.
Metal Incense Burners-The Tibetan dragon incense burner is made in that famous sturdy white metal-The metal dragon burner is about 10 inches long, and has a  lot of very cool detail!
Clear blue/purple glass as in the moon burner.
Clear blue/purple glass with opalescence stain.
Clear glass with opalescence stain added.
Aquamarine/teal  glass with opalescence added.
The opalescent stain gives the glass incense burners a look, not unlike seeing  oil on water, in the sunlight. Kind of like a rainbow of colors, all swirled up together. I wish I had a better picture to show you, the photo just doesn't do them justice.
These are unique, very unusual looking glass incense burners and have a feel of quality, that makes them an excellent gift.
$12.95 each
The glass pentacle incense burners come in assorted colors-
Click for a larger image of the Aqua Marine or teal glass pentacle incense burner with opalescence.
Click for a larger image of the glass moon incense burner.
Click for a larger image of the white glass pentacle incense burner with opalescense.  Celestial and Pentacle Glass Incense Burners-The Moon incense burner is made in a deep blue purple glass. The pentacle incense burner comes in assorted glass colors.
Clear dark blue/purple Glass Moon or Pentacle Incense Burner.
White opal look glass Pentacle Incense Burner
Aqua Marine/ Teal opal look Glass Pentacle Incense Burner