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Brass Thuribles

According to Webster, a thurible is a covered vase shaped incense burner, with perforated holes to allow the smoke to permeate the atmosphere.  Some of these have stands, and others have handles or are hanging, allowing them to be carried about.

Wood Handled Brass Incense Burner
Brass Thurible With A Wooden Handle

Brass Thurible Incense Burner or Censer
With Wooden Handle

Our brass thurible, is from India, made of shiny polished brass. The best part is that it has a great wooden handle!
We like this incense burner, because of it's quiet elegance, and the really cool handle that makes it so easy to carry. This is particularly good for ritual or magical incense. The wood handle can allow you to move the burner without getting burned.  These brass thuribles are large and heavy duty, weighing about 17oz.! These brass burners are very well balanced and heavy, making them much more stable, than many of the smaller incense burners.
Occult And Metaphysical Supplies-Brass Thuribles, Incense Burners, and Brass Censers with wood handle, wooden handles, wood handled thurible.
Grandpa's General Store-The place to shop online for brass incense burners and thuribles with handles. Wooden handled censer incense burner. Brass Thurible, with a wood handle.
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Last Updated September 4, 2004       
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Wood Handled Thurible Incense Burner
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Large Brass Charcoal Censer With Wood Handle-This brass incense burner is great for ritual use and for work like smudging. With a wooden handle, you can easily move this burner, without getting burned. These incense burners can also be used as cone burners, stick burners, herbal incense burners, as well as smudging burners.
Large Brass Charcoal Incense Burner With Brass Handle

These brass thuribles are about 7 inches tall, and have a heavy duty wood handle. The incense burner itself is about 4 inches wide, at the widest part. The entire incense burner is about 8 inches wide, if you include the brass handle.   The octagonal base is about  3 1/2 inches wide. 

On the top of the base, there are about 10 holes, approximately 1/4" across, going around the incense burner. The lid has about 18 holes, giving this brass incense burner the much needed air flow necessary to burn incense with the lid in place.

These incense burners are made for burning incense over charcoal tablets, but they can very easily be used for cone burners, stick burners, or for smudging, as well. The wood handle makes it very easy to move your burner, or for using in a circle. Very cool and makes a great gift, too!
IBBCB7    7" Brass Incense Burner With Handle  $19.95
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