Cone Incense burners for sale. We have a wide variety of cone incense burners, including the little brass burners from India, and some very cool Native American style cone incense burners.
Grandpa's General Store-Unique Gifts, Occult & Metaphysical Supplies-The place to buy cone incense and accessories like cone incense burners, and colorful incense sand! We have a large selection of cone incense burners for sale! Many do double duty as stick burners, too!
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Last updated March 11, 2004  
Cone Incense Burners
Holders For Cone Incense
Grandpa's has a wide variety of incense burners.  Here, you will find a great selection of cone incense burners. Many do double duty as stick incense burners, as well!

Scent can change your mood, from terrible to peaceful and loving. These cone incense burners can make fine hippy gifts, but are also thoughtful gifts for the person that just needs to stop and smell the incense... :)  Why not get them a cute little cone incense burner, here?

Just click on any underlined word to take you to that style incense burner!
Cone Incense Burners

All of these burner styles can burn cones, soft Dhoop, and mini stick incense.
Some burners are located in different areas of the store. Use your browsers back button, to return here.
From left, to right:
Lacquer & Mirror incense burners, Man In The Moon Cone Burner, Soapstone Lotus Ash Catcher, Wolf Spirit Totem BurnerCeramic Bear Spirit Incense Burner, & Brass Cone Burner.
Read about how to burn cone incense, here!
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Small brass incense burner, from India. This little brass holder will burn cones or sticks.
Native American Style Cone Incense Burners-Bear Spirit incense holder. This will burn cone or mini stick incense.
Native American Style Incense Burners- Wolf Spirit Totem Incense Burner. This will burn cones or mini sticks.
Small lacquer and mirror incense holders for cones and sticks.
Ceramic Man in the Moon cone incense burner. It holds cones or mini sticks.
Soapstone lotus incense holder, imported from India! This burner holds cones or sticks.