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Abalone Shell Incense Burner
Abalone Shell With Stand
Whole Abalone Shells

This is a fabulous abalone shell burner! It can be used for charcoal, smudge, cones, powders, herbs, or by itself. Do what my mom used to, and use it for a fancy soap dish. A Very cool and all purpose incense burner! Shell is about 4-6 inches across and will vary in size and color with current supply. 
The stand is a single piece of wood carved into 3 pieces, interlocking, to make a 6" stand!

ABALONE The shell alone- $8.49 each
CBSTWD6 Wood Stand $4.95 each
IBBABS The abalone shell with stand- $12.95 per set
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Last Updated September 4, 2004       
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Abalone Shell
Wood Stand
Abalone Set
Terra Cotta Incense Burner
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Red Tera Cotta Cauldron Incense Burner
Red Clay Incense Burner Cauldron

These pretty little red incense burners are round, and made of fired Terra Cotta clay and are pictured, below.

Perfect for sticks, cones, resin, and herbs, these are wonderful all around incense burners. As you can see, from the picture, they are also great smudge pots, too!

The terra cotta incense burner is round and measures about 4" across, at the  widest point, and 3" high. 

The incense burner is made of solid fired terra cotta ceramic and it is unglazed. That is, they will very slowly erode, if exposed to the elements, unless you decorate or paint them. If left unpainted, best to store the incense burner indoors. Kept indoors, you should have years of great use!

Fill them with sand to burn resins, loose herbal incense, cones or incense sticks!

TC316 Round Terra Cotta Incense Burner $10.95 Each

Smudge Wands Are Not Included
Incense Accessories-Carved Wood Tripod Stand For Abalone Shell Incense Burners or Smudge Bowls.
All Purpose Abalone Incense Burner Set-Abalone Shell Smudge Bowl and Wood Tripod Stand. All Natural Incense Burner Set.
Incense Supplies-All purpose Abalone Shell Incense Burner-These abalone shells are perfect for resin incense, herbs, or may be used as smudge bowls, catching the falling ash from sage wands. My Mom Like To Use These As Abalone Soap Dishes! Pretty Cool!
Round All Purpose Red Clay Incense Burner. These pretty little red clay incense burners are made of fired Terra Cotta clay. Fill them with sand to burn resins, loose herbs, cones, or sticks. An great all purpose incense burner!
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