Occult And Metaphysical Supplies for Pagans, Wiccans, and New Age Seekers, alike! Many styles of Wooden ashcatchers and wood incense burners, here! Sun, Moon, Celestial, Peace Sign, Pentacle, and Yin-Yang!
Grandpa's General Store-The Cool Place To Shop online for wooden incense burners and wood ashcatchers! We have many styles of wooden incense burners including Sun, Moon, Celestial, Yin-Yang, Peace Signs, & Pentacle, Pentacles, Pentagram, Pentagrams, Peace Sign.
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Incense Stick Burners
Small Wooden Boat Incense Burners

We also have some shesham wood incense burners, about 6 inches long,  just perfect for mini sticks, and the pagan on the go! They are made  just like the larger burners, only smaller.  These have a inalid celestial pattern, sun & stars down the sides, with a moon at the bottom.
$1.49 each
Wooden Incense Burners

So, you aren't always using a thurible and burning resin incense in a magick circle, right? These are a rustic, yet stylish way to burn incense, they are inexpensive, they travel easily, and you can still use them in a circle, if you want.   Way better than using an ashtray or  a flower pot;0)

Large Wooden Stick Incense Burners

Known as boats, these are about 10 inches long.  They come it several styles.  All are one single color, one piece of wood.
In shesham wood, we have:
Brass Inlaid Moon Incense Burner
Brass Inlaid Sun Incense Burner
Brass Inlaid Yin/Yang Symbol Incense Burner
Brass Inlaid Pentacle Incense Burner
NEW!Brass Inlaid Peace Sign Incense Burner
All large shesham wood ashcatchers are $1.99 each

As all our wooden incense burners are hand made, everything about them is unique. That is why the descriptions read "about 10 inches".  Some are as long as a foot.
Large Boats
Large Rustic Wooden Boat with Pentagram

Rustic Pentacle Burner. The picture just doesn't even begin to do this one justice!  In what appears to be dark oak or mango, we have a beautiful rustic looking pentagram.  Too cool! . Pentagram is tacked on, rather than inlaid, which gives a real hand made look to it!
These are a wonderful value at $2.79

IBWBP 10 inch Rustic Wood Pentacle Incense Burner  $2.79
Rustic Pentacle Burner.  Too cool! Looks almost like dark stained oak(probably Mango). Pentagram is tacked on, rather than inlaid, which gives a real hand made look to it!
Our shesham wood ashcatchers or incense burners for stick incense come in a variety of styles.  We have Moon, Sun, Yin-Yang, Pentacle, and Peace Sign incense burners!
To add items to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of incense burners you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
Large Sun
Large Moon
Large Pentagram
Large Peace
Large Yin Yang
Mini Celestial
Rustic Pentagram
Graphic Design© Webster's Fantasy 2001
Pentacle©RobinWood 1997
Used With Permission
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