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Man in the Moon/Wizard
Cone Incense Burner

The picture of the man in the moon, just does not do him justice. The man in the moon incense burner is about 7" tall, made of painted ceramic, and comes  with a small round disk cone holder. Place cone on holder and then place man on top of disk.  Smoke comes out his mouth and nose. Can hold mini incense sticks, too. Really Cool Incense Burner! 

Man in the Moon Burner $14.95 Each
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Cone Incense Burners
2 inch Brass
3 inch Brass
3 1/2 inch Brass
Little Brass Cone Incense Burners Cone Burners From India

These are the traditional cone incense burners. Everybody Needs one of these! Sticks can even be burned in these little incense burners, if stood in the hole in the lid.  Always place the incense burners on a heat proof surface, Not on moms fine coffee table, ouch!
2" high  Brass Cone Incense Burner $1.99
3" high Brass Cone Incense Burner  $2.49
3 1/2" high Brass Incense Burner $4.29   
Man in the Moon Cone Incense Burner-These Moon incense burners are perfect gifts for your friend the celestial fanatic. The picture just does not do them justice!
3 1/2 inch cone incense burners, made of highly polished brass. These are just big enough to hold a lump of charcoal, but be sure to have a good protection, under the burner, so you do not burn the house down!
2 inch brass cone incense burners. These always come in the same style. Just perfect for the travel burner, or as a little gift burner, to go with some incense cones!
3 Inch Brass Cone Incens Burners. These can vary slightly in style from piece to piece, but all are standard cone burners of highly polished brass.
Please Note: These brass incense burners can vary slightly from piece to piece, as far as detail is concerned, in the larger sizes. The 3 1/2" burner can vary from 3" to just over 3 1/2", depending on the style, but it is always just about 2" across, plenty big enough to burn a charcoal disk!
The smallest size brass incense burner is always in the style shown to the left.
Want some cone incense to go with that burner?
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Lacquered Cone Incense burners
From India

These little lacquer cone incense burners come painted in various colors and shapes, with little inlaid mirrors and brass trim. They are about 1 1/2 inches across. Sometimes the indentation for the cone is deep, sometimes just slight.  These cone incense burners also have holes that can hold several mini sticks, burning at the same time. Make great little gifts to go with a package of cone incense!.
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Laquer Incense Burners $1.99 Each

Lacquer Incense Burners-Little cone incense burners from India, painted in laquer, and decorated with mirrors, cute little gift incense burners, perfect to go with that package of incense cones, or mini incense sticks!