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Many people believe that it is an important part of any ritual or ceremonial activity to use unadulterated incense that does not contain any burning agent. So, resin, powdered incense, or dried herbs, all made with all natural ingredients burned on charcoal discs fill the bill. 
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Looking for ritual incense sticks? Click Here to take you to ritual sticks, where you will find fragrances like circle, full moon, & dragon's blood, and more!.
Eye Of The Day/Grandpa's Resin Incense

These are wonderful QUALITY resin incense in aproximately
1/2 oz. bags. Available in the following fragrances:
Gum Copal
OUT Celtic Blend-
OUT     Sacred Glen-OUT
FrankincenseOUT                         Frankincense & Myrrh-
$2.79 a bag -burner sold separately
To find the cauldron, check out our incense burner pages!
Charcoal Burning Magical Blend Powders
Perfect for Wicca spellcraft, pagan ritual, or just enjoyment!
Each comes in a 1/2 oz. bag.  The folowing types are availalble:
Air               Fire              Earth            Water            Love          Prosperity           Harmony          Meditation            Seduction
Golden Aura             Dragon's Blood             Astral Projection
$2.79 bag
Magic Blends Incense $2.79 Each
To add items to your basket, click on the appropriate boxes and change the numbers to the number of incense you wish to order. Then, click on the shopping cart button!
Air Incense
Earth Incense
Fire Incense
Water Incense
Dragons Blood Incense
Astral Projection
Harmony Incense
Meditation Incense
Seduction Incense
Golden Aura Incense
Love Incense
Prosperity Incense
Just a note, folks.  We are moving from Eye of the Day, To our own label. Since we have run out, we have started shipping Grandpa's Resins!
Magic Blends Resin Incense!