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NEW-Grandpa's Resin Incense Kit-This would make a nice beginners kit, or a great gift for your favorite incense fan!
How about a selection of resin, a charcoal incense burner, some charcoal tablets, and some incense burner sand, all in one package?

In Grandpa's Resin Kit, you will find:
1 bag of copal resin
1 bag of Celtic blend resin
1 bag of frankincense resin
1 bag of myrrh resin
1 roll of 10 Swift_Lite charcoal tablets
1  3 1/2" Brass Charcoal Incense Burner-styles may vary slightly
1 bag of Grandpa's Incense Burner Sand-colors may vary

Grandpa's Resin Incense Kit is only $18.95! You get everything you need to start you out, for less than $20.00!!
Each kit comes in a brown cardboard 6"x 6" flip-top box, plus basic instructions for burning resin incense. All resin kit items are wrapped in white tissue. Each kit is complete, so all you need to do is add a gift card!
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Need Smudge? Click here for smudge and white sage!
Grandpa's Resin Incense Kit-Our resin gift sets include a selection of resin, a charcoal incense burner, some charcoal tablets, and some incense burner sand, all in one package! We even include directions for burning resin incense! A great gift for the incense fanatic!
Resin IncenseKit
Gift boxes are a great gift giving idea! You get all the essentials in one attractive package, and they are great for people like my dad, who hated to wrap anything!
Resins are burned over charcoal or in a fire, for the high quality of the scent, and for the pure and unadulterated energies, found in them.
Our resin incense gift boxes have everything you need to get started with resin incense, all in a natural kraft box.  My dad would have loved it. This is a great gift box for the incense fan or hippy in your pad!    
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