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Grandpa's Jasmine Bath Gift Baskets
Bath Gifts~Gift Sets~Gift Ideas
Grandpa's Bath Gift Baskets

Grandpa's Bath Gift Sets really are an all-in-one gift. Each bath gift set has:

1- Glass Votive Cup
1- 15 Hour Mole Hollow "Night Jasmine" Votive Candle
1- 1/4 oz. Bottle-Spiritual Sky Jasmine Perfume Oil
1- Aromatherapy Oil Light Ring
1- 4 oz. Package of Astral Sea Jasmine Luxury Bath Salts
1- 2.86 oz. Bar-Song Of India Jasmine Herbal Bath Soap

The soaps, oils, candles, and bath salts are all in the same Jasmine fragrance, in each gift set. If you purchase a Jasmine Bath Gift Basket, all the items will be Jasmine fragrance!
Each gift set comes wrapped in cellophane in a great little basket, and tied with a natural rafia bow.
Each basket is attractive and something that can be used again, just right to hold hand towels, hair brushes, curlers, plants, or?? The basket styles may vary somewhat, depending on availability.
Baskets are about 9 1/2" long by 7 1/2" wide and about 4" deep.

Grandpa's Jasmine Bath Gift Baskets 
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My husband could have used one of these bath gift sets a couple of years ago. He is always stalking the department stores at the last minute, trying to find just the right thing to give. He knows that I like things that are a little different and, of course, you aren't going to find anything different at some of the "you know who" stores. Everything is mass produced for thousands of gift buyers!
That is how the idea of Grandpa's gift sets, or gift baskets came to be. Something that has a personal touch to it, as if you spent all this time looking for just the right things to put into a gift basket for your loved one. Not that you don't care, but many of us just have a hard time finding the time, or don't have local access to these kinds of products!
Spiritul Sky Jasmine Perfume Oil
Song Of India Aromatherapy Light Ring
Song Of India Jasmine Herbal Soap
4 oz. zip lock bag of Astral Sea Jasmine Luxury Bath Salts
Mole Hollow Jasmine Votive Candle- Burn Time Approximately 15 Hours
Glass Votive Cup
Grandpa's Jasmine Bath Gift Sets
These are the perfect gifts for those people who love scent, or like to take long baths, or both!
Each Jasmine bath gift basket has fragrant herbal soap, luxury bath salts, perfume oil, fragrant candle and holder, and an aromatherapy light ring for the perfume oil! All in one basket!   
Jasmine Bath Gift Baskets